Dependence of the rolling degree, characterized by microhardness, on the anisothermal recrystallization in straight rolled silver
F. Salhi, A. Berrada, J. Aride, J. Bernardini, G. Moya    Abstract
 | Article

Effect of the orientation fibres and the interface on the mechanical and dielectric properties for glass-epoxy composite
B. Kchaou, C. Turki, M. Salvia, Z. Fakhfakh, D. Treheux    Abstract
 | Article

Contribution to the study of natural and artificial aging of polypropylene, using TGA
M. Rjeb, A. Labzour, A. Rjeb, S. Sayouri, Y. Claire, A. Périchaud    Abstract  | Article

An explicit algebraic Reynolds stress model for compressible turbulent flows
H. Marzougui, H. Khlifi, T. Lili    Abstract
 | Article

Finite element solution for the generalized Stokes problem in axisymmetric geometry
Elamari,  H. Sammouda, A. Belghith    Abstract  | Article

Non-linear Marangoni convection of an electrically conducting fluid layer submitted to an ac. Electric field
A. Douiebe, M. Hannaoui, A. Benaboud, G. Lebon, A. Khmou    Abstract  | Article

Study of slicing mode and steaming time effects on sliced veneer yield and quality of Moroccan Holm oak
A. Famiri, A. El Abid, M. Fechtal, J. Gérard, B. Kabouchi, A. Hakam, A. Attaoui    Abstract  | Article

Numerical study of olive waste combustion in fixed bed
C. Ghabi, H. Ben Ticha, M. Sassi    Abstract  | Article

Angular distribution of beryllium sputtered by a krypton beam at oblique incidence: Experiment and simulations
P.-G. Fournier, A. Nourtier, V. I. Shulga    Abstract  | Article

The usefulness of Mössbauer spectroscopy for the study of iron oxidation state in pond sediments
J. El Moata, A. El Ghmari, M. Sajieddine, M. Abdelmoula, M. Droussi, H. Latrache, E. Agouriane, A. El Bouadili    Abstract
 | Article

Lines intensities in the ?4 band of NH3 at low temperature
S. Nouri, M. Dhib, H. Aroui    Abstract  | Article

Accordability and linewidth of a three electrode DBR laser
A. Zatni, J. Le Bihan, D. Khatib, M. Elhaziti    Abstract  | Article

Theoretical approach of tissular ablation by lasers
S. Bouzid, L. Baali , A. Bouzid  , M. Zeghdar    Abstract  | Article

Use of ESCA spectroscopy for surface activated carbon characterization. Effect of acidic treatment
B. Srhir, K. Chlihi    Abstract  | Article

Solvent effects on the photophysical properties of the trans-1-(1-pyrenyl)-2-(2-quinolyl) ethylene
Z. Chami, B. Jerdioui, A. Elachqar, M. Zenkouar    Abstract  | Article

Electronic structure study and conformational behavior of biphenyl derivatives: Insertion effect of alkyl and alkoxy groups on poly(para-phenylene) properties
S. Bouzakraoui, S. M. Bouzzine, M. Bouachrine, M. Hamidi    Abstract  | Article

DFT conformational analysis of alkyls bithiophene. Application to the study of optical properties of poly(3-n-alkylthiophene
S. M. Bouzzine, S. Bouzakraoui, M. Hamidi, B. Hamdaoui, M. Bouachrine    Abstract
 | Article

Stereoselective synthesis of new decalin derivatives from (R)-pulegone
M. El Idrissi, L. Majidi, M. Choukrad     Abstract
 | Article

Corrosion inhibition of carbon steel (E24) in 1M HCl solution by monopolar surfactants of 1,2,4-triazole-5-thione
D. Chebabe, A. Dermaj, Z. Ait chikh, N. Hajjaji, A. Srhiri    Abstract  | Article

n- and p- doped poly(3-(m,p-fluorophenyl)thiophene): Synthesis and electrochemical characterization
M. Hmyene, A. Hakam, D. C. Loveday, J. P. Ferraris    Abstract  | Article

Infrared spectroscopic studies of ternary CoO-MoO3-P2O5 glasses
N. Mouhsine, N. Allali, L. Bih, A. Yacoubi, A. Nadiri    Abstract  | Article

Crystal structure of a new hybrid cyclohexaphosphate [4-CH3C6H4CH2NH3]4Li2P6O18.4H2O
L. Khedhiri    Abstract  | Article

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