The human heart beat detected by cesium atoms
A. Weis, G. Bison, R. Wynands Abstract

Spectroscopic investigation of a fluoride crystal doped with rare earth ions for infrared laser emission
M. Diaf, F. Bendjedaa, A. Sayoud  Abstract  |article
Application of  Schwinger variational principle to direct excitation of Fe24+(1s2) by impact of various atoms at 400 MeV: Continuum states contribution
B. Lasri, M. Bouamoud, R. Gayet  Abstract  |article
Comparative study of secondary ion emission resulting from MeV bombardment of cesium salts
H. Allali, B. Nsouli, A. Bakkali, M. Aboulfatah, M. Ahd, A. Essaadani, J. P. Thomas   Abstract  |article
Comparison of stainless steel-alumina coatings plasma sprayed in air by two different techniques
P. Denoirjean, A. A. Syed, R. Cuenca-Alvarez, A. Denoirjean, H. Ageorges, J. C. Labbe, P. Fauchais Abstract  |article
Oxygen electrode reaction on nanostructured stabilized zirconia using impedance spectroscopy
A. Touati, A. Madani, H. Boussetta   Abstract  |article
Defect structures effects on electrical conductivity in nonstoichiometric lithium tantalite
S. Jebbari, S. El Hamd, F. Bennani, A. Jennane, M. Hafid, N. Masaif  Abstract
Numerical study of heat and momentum transfer in a turbulent wall jet
J. Kechiche, H. Mhiri, G. Le Palec, P. Bournot  Abstract  |article
Numerical study of isothermal laminar jet impinging onto a flat plate
S. Habli, H. Mhiri, G. Le Palec, P. Bournot  Abstract  |article
Numerical simulation of natural and thermocapillary convection with solid/liquid phase change
E. Semma, A. Cheddadi, M. El Ganaoui, A. Mouhsen, P. Bontoux  Abstract  |article

Design and characterization of new sensors of heat flux by thermoelectric coupling in the bimetal switches
M. El Harzli, B. Bouchikhi  Abstract

A chaining procedure for cluster analysis
S. Iraqui, R. Benslimane, K. Rifi, J.-G. Postaire  Abstract  |article

Study of heat transfer in forced turbulent convection in a compartmentalised driven cavity
S. El Hamdani, A. Bendou, A. Mir, A. Benhammou, K. Limam  Abstract  |article

Temperature stabilization by sorption/desorption process of water vapour on zeolite
N. Khalil, E. M. Oualim, J-P. Vigneron, Ph. Lambin, M. Harmouchi  Abstract  |article

Transverse magnetic emissivity of periodic rough surfaces predicted by a coupled wave analysis. From homogenization to geometrical optics
F. Ghmari, J.-J. Greffet,  M. S. Sifaoui  Abstract  |article

A pseudo-spectral method for solving the radiative transport equation in cylindrical media
T. Sghaier, M. S. Sifaoui  Abstract  |article

Measurement of electrical conductivity by time Domain reflectometry: Materiel effects on main used models
A. Rochdi, M. Vanclooster, M Elgharous Abstract  |article

Stereochemical study of the reaction of the desoxybenzoin on the 4-phenylbut-3-en-2-on
T. Lakhlifi, A. Amechrouq, A. J. P. Beavogui, M. Choukrad, M. El Idrissi, B. Laude Abstract  |article

Kinetic study of the reduction by hydrogen of microcrystals of chromium doped nickel oxide : inhibiting effect of chromium on the initial growth of the metal germs and the advance of the interface metal-oxide
A. El Anssari, A. Nadiri, A. Yacoubi, L.-C. Dufour Abstract  |article

Synthesis of 2-amino-1-glycosyl aziridines
A. Hamdach, E. M. El Hadrami*, A. Bentama, M. F. Azaroual  Abstract |article

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