Mössbauer spectroscopy and magnetic properties of amorphous Fe74-xAlxEr6B20 ribbons

E. H. Sayouty, H. Lassri, J. M. Greneche Abstract |article

Vibrational and optical emission spectroscopies of porous and oxydized porous silicon

G. Louarn, K. Berrada, N. Errien, M. Ait El Fqih, G. Froyer, A. Kaddouri Abstract |article

Low temperature photoluminescence analysis of porous 3C-SiC/Si heterostructure

V. Lysenko, J. M. Bluet, D. Barbier, S. Keraï, K. Ghaffour, N. E. Chabane-Sari Abstract |article

Modified perturbative method of the negative charge fraction produced by the scattering of H+ ions by a metallic surfac

K. Khalal-Kouache, A. C. Chami, M. Boudjema, Y. Boudouma Abstract |article

Characterisation of defect on crystalline substrate surface by optical phonons scattering

H. Aouchiche, A. Kaddouri Abstract |article

A spectroscopic investigation on the properties of CO-polymers derived from PPV: PPV-ether and C1-4PPV-ether

A. Mabrouk, B. Zaidi, S. Ayachi, J. P. Buisson, P. Molinié, M. Majdoub, K. Alimi Abstract |article

FTIR and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic studies of poly(4-vinylpyidine)/copper(II), zinc(II) and cobalt(II) ionic interactions

I. Benabadji, E. Choukchou-Braham, L. Tennouga, M. F. Guimon, J. Francois, A. Mansri Abstract |article

Microrheology and measurement of the viscoelastic properties of a micellar solution by diffusion wave spectroscopy (DWS)

S. Kaloun, M. Bellour, P. Hébraud , J.-P. Munch, M. Skouri Abstract |article

Raman studies of the superconductor SnNb5Se9 and the ferromagnet GaV5Se9

A. Leblanc-Soreau, Z. Ouili, P. Molinié, E. Faulques Abstract |article

Raman spectroscopy study of lithium-sulfur systems

E. Picquenard, O. El Jaroudi, A. Demortier, J.-P. Lelieur Abstract |article

He, Ar and N2 broadening coefficients for the n4 band of CF4

A. Benidar, J. Boissoles, A. V. Domanskaya, M. V. Tonkov Abstract |article

Line mixing effects in ammonia spectra

S. Hadded, M. Dhib, H. Aroui Abstract |article

Development of a data-processing tool using the G programmation, for the Mediterranean water with the acoustic spectroscopy characterization

A. Malaoui, K. Quotb, M. Benhayoun, M. Ankrim Abstract |article

Line shapes and reaction dynamics: Application of a genetic algorith

C. Maul Abstract |article

Atomic spectroscopy in density functional theory

M. Oulne Abstract |article

The albedo effect on gamma ray transport in ducts

F. Boutadghart, A. Elmorabiti, A. Jehouani Abstract |article

Application of total-reflection x-ray fluorescence (txrf) to the multi-elemental analysis of aerosols

M. Bounakhla, A. Fatah, A. Doukkali Abstract |article

A method of determination of line parameters from Fourier transform spectroscopy (FTS) data

M. Badaoui, M. Alaoui Elbelghiti Abstract |article

EPR study of X-ray irradiated fructose, galactose, glucose and maltose: spectral evolution and dosimetric analysis

M. Mikou, M. Bougteb, A. Essaadani Abstract |article

Correlations and enrichment factor determination for metal contents in soils, sediments and water in the region of Meknes (Central Morocco)

M. Tahri, F. Benyaïch, M. Bounakhla, E. Bilal, J. J. Gruffat, J. Moutte, D. Garcia Abstract |article

Spectroscopic characterization of the interaction of layered double hydroxides with aqueous solutions containing the herbicide 2,4- dichlorophenoxyacetate

M. Lakraimi, A. Legrouri, A. Barroug, A. De Roy, J. P. Besse Abstract

Structural study of mono-, di-, and trisaccharides in aqueous solution by vibrational spectroscopy

H. Kodad, B. Rogé, M. Mathlouthi Abstract |article

1H and 13C NMR structural study of products obtained by hemisynthesis on the triterpenes isolated from latex of Euphorbia officinarum

N. Mazoir, A. Liazid, A. Auhmani, M. Daoubi, M. Dakir, A. Benharref, A. Kenz, M. Pierrot Abstract |article

Vibrational study of complexes of cobalt(II) halides with 3,4’-bi-1,2,4-triazole

F. Guédira, S. Zaza, S. Zaydoun, M. Saidi Idrissi, A. Lautié, F. Romain, M. H. Limage Abstract |article

Comparative study of humic and fulvic acids by spectroscopic (FTIR, 13C-NMR) and elemental analyses during olive mill waste composting

M. Hafidi, G. Ait Baddi, J. A. Alburquerque, J. Gonzalvez Cegarra, V. Gilard, J. C. Revel Abstract |article

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