The synthesis of the SiCN nanopoders by laser pyrolysis. A Computational Model

M. Amara, D. Hourlier, M. El Ganaoui, P. Goursat Abstract |article

Phase slip phenomenon study in the molybdenum blue bronzes

M. Qjani, A. Arbaoui, Y. Boughaleb Abstract |article

Structural analysis of quarry granular material : "Makay-radio"

M. Zaher, A. Hafidi Alaoui, A. Rebati, J. Phalippou, H. Ezbakhe Abstract |article

Electronic, structural and optical characterization of MgF2 thin films prepared by R-F sputtering

K. Hafidi, M. Azizan, Y. Ijdiyaou, E.L. Ameziane Abstract |article

Analytical approach of the standard k-e model

A. Bliya, Y. Ajdor Abstract |article

Mechanical properties of the inconel 718 aged at 680 and 750 °C

C. Slama, M. Abdellaoui Abstract |article

Evolutionary calculation of elements of magneto-thermal coupling of a heating induction system fed by voltage

A. Tibouche, M. R. Mekideche, A. Djerdir, A. Miraoui Abstract |article

Design and realization of acquisition system and climatic parameters control under the greenhouse

B. Bouchikhi, M. El Harzli Abstract |article

A practical high resolution profilometry: Methods and measures

M. Chikh-Bled, F. Benkhenafou, M. Nait-Abdelaziz Abstract |article

Analytic study of the repartition of the flux in the leakage transformer used in a power supply for magnetron 800 Watts–2450 Mhz

M. Chraygane, M. El Khouzaï, M. Ferfra, B. Hlimi Abstract |article

Electrophilic assistance of Diels Alder Reactions from of a lithium perchlorate solution in diethylic ether

Y. Moussaoui, R. Ben Salem Abstract |article

Hydrothermal synthesis of PLZT powders

T. Lamcharfi, S. Sayouri, M. Ezzejjari, K. Bouayad, M. Zenkouar, H. Ahamdane, E. Ech-chamikh, M. EL Aatmani Abstract |article

Membranes poplysulfone and aminomethyl polysulfone tested for the deshydratation of the ethanol by pervaporation

N. Sekkak, A. Mas, A. Essamri, M. Chentoufi, M. Berrada, A. EL Harfi, F. Schue Abstract |article

Theoretical and spectroscopic studies of branched alcanes flexibility. Contribution to the structural study of flexible polymers

S. Mouatarif, H. El Alaoui El Abdallaoui, A. Aboulmouhajir Abstract |article

Development in vitro model to study the inhibiting effect of some substances on oxalocalcic crystallization

M. Touhami, A. Oussama, M. Berkani F. Kzaiber Abstract |article

Stereoselective synthesis of higher sugars from mannopyranoside

E. H. Oukani, M. Chigr, Y. Chapleur Abstract |article

Oxidation of 90Cu-10Ni alloy by inductively coupled Oxygen plasma

N. Bellakhal, M. Dachraoui, J.-L. Brisset Abstract |article

Effect of pH adjustment in sol-gel synthesis route on grain size of tin dioxide intended for gas sensors application

M. Amjoud, B. Rhouta, A. Alimoussa, L. Hajji, D. Mezzane, H. Ahamdane Abstract |article

Study of organic and inorganic micropollutants in sediments and biota in open sea of Gabes Gulf (Tunisia)

N. Mzoughi, L. Chouba Abstract |article

Fractional factorial design of experiments for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells performances improvement

A. Tounsi, Y. Naimi Abstract |article

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