Analysis of isothermal and non isothermal Recrystallization kinetics of straight rolled silver

F. Salhi, A. Berrada, J. Aride, J. Bernardini, G. Moya Abstract |article

Effect of humic matter on soil phosphorus availability

F. Bennani, M. Badraoui, M. Mikou Abstract |article

Application of Labick’s method to the resolution of the Martynov-Sarkisov integral equation for the study of dense classical fluids

F. Smain, F. Ould-Kadour Abstract |article

Two-dimensional numerical method for diffusion-reaction-transport processes in unsaturated porous media

A. Echchelh, K. Gueraoui, M. Taibi, G. Zeggwagh, Y. M. Haddad Abstract |article

Factorization method and Belafhal's triple series arising in scattering problems

A. W. Niukkanen, M. Ibnchaikh, A. Belafhal Abstract |article

A study of equilibrium states of homogeneous turbulence with a stable stratification and a non vertical shear

H. Ben Abdallah, M. Bouzaiane, T. Lili Abstract |article

Exergy analysis of an aqua-ammonia absorption refrigeration system

M. Barhoumi, N. Ben Ezzine, A. Bellagi Abstract |article

A wall analytical discrete ordinates method for a performed solution of a radiation transfer problem

H. Trabelsi, T. Sghaier, M. S. Sifaoui Abstract |article

Study of the aluminum cation resulting from anodic dissolution in nonaqueous medium

N.-E. Djelali, D. Aliouche, G. Pierre Abstract |article

Measurement of the 3He(d, p)4He nuclear reaction cross section by coincidence detection of alphas and protons : Application to the determination of the 3He desorption rate from helium bubbles in silicon

H. Erramli, T. Sauvage, M. Rhazi, M.A. Misdaq Abstract |article

Picture processing of origin non optic. Case of echographic and radiographic pictures

M. El Hadri, A. Achachi Abstract |article

Structural and dielectric studies of hydrothermal processed PLZT ceramics

T. Lamcharfi, S. Sayouri, M. Zenkouar, E. Ech-chamikh, A. Outzourhit, D. Mezzane, L. Hajji Abstract |article

Study of the complexation of lanthanide ions with diphosphates ions in aqueous solution using conductimetric titration

Z. Anna-Rabah, R. Ternane, F. Chehimi-Moumen, D. Ben Hassen-Chehimi, M. Trabelsi-Ayadi Abstract |article

Synthesis, crystal structure, magnetic and Mössbauer investigations of a new iron II diphosphate: FePb0.5Ba0.5P2O7

O. Sqalli, B. Malaman, M. Ijjaali Abstract |article

Elaboration of grafted celluloses as ion exchangers from natural materials. Application to the metallic extraction

S. Elbariji, M. Elamine, H. Eljazouli, H. Kabli, A. Lacherai, E. Aït Addi, A. Albourine Abstract |article

Study of the treatment of an industrial waste rich in chromium (VI) by coagulation-flocculation

K. Ouarrak, S. Abouarnadasse, H. Ahlafi, S. Souabi, M. Laouane Abstract |article

Corrosion of copper-nickel (Cu - 30Ni) alloy in 3% NaCl solution, in presence of ammoniac to pH 9, 25: The inhibition effect of the bitriazole (bita)

K. Es-salah, F. Said, M. Benmessaoud, N. Hajjaji, M. Aouial, H. Takenouti, A. Srhiri Abstract |article

Non toxic ceramic enamels: Elaboration, rheological, electrochemical study and optimisation of the enamels bath

H. Toufik, A. Mohsine, M. Elmorabit, E. H. Balouki, K. Rizki Abstract |article

Monitoring of natural phosphate dissolution during composting process

G. Tchangbedji, G. Baba, K. Agbeko, J. R. Bailly, J. L. Lacout Abstract |article

Characterization of organo-mineral microaggregates in an eucalypt forest soil by EELS and EDXS spectroscopies

M. Rihani, F. Watteau, G. Villemin, J. Ghanbaja Abstract |article

Physical-chemical study contribution of processing Moroccan smen

D. Sakili, D. Issoual Abstract |article

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