A new type of equilibrium distributions under specific assumptions

R. El Kouch Abstract |article

Decentralized optimal control of large scale-systems

F. Elmarjany, N. ELalami Abstract |article

Fuzzy anti-windup design for linear systems with input saturation

H. Ayad, S. Doubabi, A. Hamzaoui Abstract |article

Microstructure evolution of the nanostructued Al-Cu alloy produced by equal-channel angular pressing

K. Kassis, J. Masmoudi, M. Khitouni, A. Kolsi, N. Njah Abstract |article

Thermal conductivity study of PDLC (Polystyrene/7CB liquid crystal) film

A. Boudenne Abstract |article

Digital simulation of the convective approach of the drying of iroko (chlorophora excelsa) and sapelli (entandrophragma cylindricum)

B. Bonoma, F. Migue Abstract |article

On the Floquet states of the harmonic oscillator with a time-dependent mass or/and frequency

A. Fedoul, A. L. Marrakchi, S. Sayouri, A. Chatwiti Abstract |article

Effect of magnetic field on the Hall coefficient and electrical resistivity of insulating copper indium diselenide

L. Essaleh, S. M. Wasim, J. Galibert, J. Léotin Abstract |article

Repeated median filter with adaptive Kernel size

Y. Zaz, K. Bouzouba, L. Radouane Abstract |article

Characterization of metallurgical powder by the backscattering spot image analysis

N. Abdenouri, P. Snabre, A. Belghit, G. Flamant Abstract |article

Study of the helium desorption implanted at incident high energy in silicon lattice

M. Rhazi, O. El Bounagui, H. Erramli Abstract |article

Production of a new adsorbent from Trafaya moroccan oil shale by chemical activation in the sulphuric medium

E. Khouya, H. Hannache, S. Fakhi, M. Ezzine, S. Ichcho, R. Pailler, R. Naslain, J. C. Abbe Abstract |article

Defect recovery studied by positron lifetime measurements in quenched and electron irradiated dinickel silicide

A. Jennane, J. Bernardini, G. Moya Abstract |article

Solvent extraction and transport through a liquid membrane of lead nitrate using dicyclohexano 18 crown 6 as a carrier

H. Masbah, A. Zyatt, M. Karroua, A. El Bachiri Abstract |article

Use of the rare Earth salts in the textile dyeing and a tool for automation and control

R. Lotfi Abstract |article

Reactivity of pyrrole, furane, and tiophene in electrophilic substitution reactions: a conceptual DFT approach

S. M. Mekelleche, A. Ghomri, C. Morell Abstract |article

On the computation of overlap integrals over STOs using computer algebra

S. M. Mekelleche, H. Dib, A. Baba-Ahmed Abstract |article

Thermal decontamination of clay minerals polluted by PAHs

C. El Assal, N. El Mejdoub, S. Marzak, L. Belkbir Abstract |article

Synthesis of new imidazo-[4,5-f]-quinolines deriatives

A. El kihel, M. Ahbala, M. El ouar, N. Knouzi Abstract |article

Substitution of the anion Cl- by CO32- in the double lamellar hydroxide [CdCrCl], and theoretical study by the PM3 method

N. El Mouhalhal, A. El Hajbi Abstract |article

Ab initio and Density Functional Study of the Diels-Alder Reaction of ß-ionone with anhydride maleic

H. Dirhoussi, A. Sbai, M. El Idrissi Abstract |article

Preparation, characterization and crystal structure of anhydrous thallium Cyclohexaphosphate Tl6P6O18

O. S. M. El Mokhtar, M. Rzaigui Abstract |article

A theoretical study of the reactivity of chalcones or a, b-insaturated ketones

T. Beguemsi, R. B. N’guessan, E. Dégny, Y.T. N’guessan Abstract |article



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