Influence of the water content of Iroko and Doussie on their thermophysical properties
B. Bonoma, L. Monkam, E. Kaptouom Abstract

The effects of molybdenum concentration on the production and mobility of irradiation-induced defects in ferritic Fe-Mo alloys
A. Benkaddour, C. Dimitrov, J. Barkani, S. Ramdani, L. Roubi  Abstract

Characterization of DLC films deposited on silicon by the MW ECR-PACVD method
A. Khettache, L. Mahjoubi, M. Z. Touhami, B. Bouzabata, H. Buchkremer Hermanns, H. Weiss     Abstract

Sol-gel processing and dielectric properties of (Pb1-yLay)(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3 ceramics
K. Bouayad, S. Sayouri, M. Ezzejjari, L. Hajji, A. Alimoussa, M. Filali, P. Dieudonné, J. Tajmouati  Abstract  |article

On charge accumulation at the p/n junction of c-Si (n) /a-SiC:H (p+)  heterojunction solar cell
M. Rahmouni, R. Mostefaoui     Abstract  |article

Grafting of acrylic monomers onto cellulose. Influence on fibre absorbency
D. Aliouche, N. Djelali       Abstract  |article

Reconstitution of the temperature distribution in a dissipative medium for applications in medicine

A. Saadi, S. Bri, A. Rhattoy, L. Zenkouar, M. Habibi, L. Bellarbi, A. Mamouni  Abstract  |article

Thermo-mechanical behaviour determination of shape memory single alloy by Pseudoelastical potential optimisation
 L. Hessissen, M. Essaaidi       Abstract  |article

Simulation of the diffusion mechanism through a barrier diffusion
S. Bouslah, N. Mansouri, A. Zaamouche       Abstract

Electric arc erosion phenomena in low voltage electric switches with AgNi contacts
 L. Chaâbane, M. Sassi, H. Fattoum, A. Lajnef       Abstract  |article

Quantification of the wettability in porous media by study of NMR relaxation times T2
G. Kassab, C. Rivière       Abstract

Two-photon ionisation of  ground state and metastable helium atoms
H. Margad, D. Khalil, A. Makhoute, M. Bakkali, M. N. Hounkonnou       Abstract  |article

The flying ashes for the underground waters defluoridation
A. Moufti, H. Garmes, A. Hamdani, M. Mountadar       Abstract  |article

Study of the heat capacity of metallic compound  by differential thermal analysis (D.T.A
H. Medouer, S. Messaadi       Abstract  |article

Synthesis and characterization of cobalt-molybdenum oxides catalysts supported on magnesium phosphates
M. Sadiq, A. Sahibed-dine, M. Baalala, K. Nohair, M. Bensitel, E. Payen, C. Lamonier, J. Leglise       Abstract

Structural and energetical characterisation of hydrogen bonds complexes in aminoketones
Nahossé Ziao, Jean-Yves Le Questel, Yao Thomas N’Guessan       Abstract  |article

Effects of additive on the kinetics of tin electrodeposition from an acidic solution of tin sulphate
S. Bakkali, M. Charrouf, M. Cherkaoui       Abstract  |article

Defluoridation of water from Diourbel area (Senegal) by crossed-fluxes dialysis
H. Ould Tfeil, C. Mar-Diop, O. Sock, L. Dammak, B. Auclair       Abstract  |article

Condensation of allylmagnesium chloride on R-(-)-Carvone
L. Majidi, R. Fihi, M. El Idrissi, S. Kharchouf  Abstract  |article

Study by NMR spectra of structure of some benzimidazole substituted by heterocycles
A.  El Kihel, M.  Ahbala, E. M.  Essassi, R.  Danion-Bougot, P.  Bauchat    Abstract  |article

Energy balance for a quenched plasma reactor of the gliding arc type at atmospheric pressure
A. Doubla, R. Burlica, E. Hnatiuc, J.-L. Brisset        Abstract  |article

Monte Carlo simulations to explore the possible use of 144Ce for brachytherapy applications
V. O. Zilio, O. P. Joneja, Y. Popowski, R. Chawla      Abstract  |article

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