Atomic spectroscopy of argon-water plasma
S. Zaag, S. Bousrih, M. Sassi, J. -M. Baronnet, E. A. Ershov-Pavlov   Abstract |article

Determination of the apparatus function and the temperature in water plasma using UV OH spectrum.
S. Zaag, S. Bousrih, N. Safta, M. Sassi, J. -M. Baronnet    Abstract  |article

Photoluminescence competition between confined states in delta doped AlGaAs/GaAs heterostructures
H. Ajlani, A. Meftah, S. Aloulou, R. Chtourou, M. Oueslati    Abstract  |article

Nonlinear ultrasound parameter measurement in pulse echo mode including diffraction effect
A. Chitnalah, D. Kourtiche, L. Allies, M. Nadi    Abstract  |article

Analysis of the input impedance by a new model of a probe-fed rectangular patch antenna
A. Latif, A. Oulad-Said, A. Ait Ouahman    Abstract  |article

Diffuse phase transition and relaxation behavior in hydrothermally processed PLZT ceramics
N. S. Echatoui, T. Lamcharfi, S. Sayouri, L. Hajji, A. Alimoussa    Abstract  |article

Separation of organic mixtures through inorganic membranes by pervaporation
M. Chentoufi, A. Essamri, L. Dlimi, C. Guizard    Abstract  |article

A contribution to the study of the drying of ayous (Triplochiton Scleroxylon) and of ebony (DiospyrosEbenum)
B. Bonoma, M. Simo Tagne    Abstract  |article

Comparative study of thermal behaviour of two polymers material: PMMA and PVC, in the range of temperature smallest to there thermal degradation temperature
M. HAMOUNI, S. KHALDI    Abstract  |article

Positive temperature coefficient for the electrical resistivity of the composites: epoxy D/ metallic particles (cobalt and Nickel)
 K. Haboubi, A. Maaroufi, A. El Amarti, F. Carmona    Abstract  |article

Cyclic voltammetry evaluation of real surface of Li-Co3O4 thin films prepared by chemical spray pyrolysis
A. Ait Addi, Y. Berghoute,  J. Douch, M. Hamdani    Abstract  |article

Compilation and estimation of the thermodynamic properties of solid ortho-, meta- and pyrophosphates. I - Standard molar entropies and standard molar heat capacities for solid phosphates
 A. Ait-Hou, T. Rais, C. Chatillon    Abstract  |article

compilation and estimation of the thermodynamic properties of solid ortho-, meta- and pyrophosphates. II - Standard molar enthalpies of formation of solid phosphates
A. Ait-Hou, T. Rais, C. Chatillon    Abstract  |article

Comparison of o-xylene vapor adsorption and desorption on a Moroccan clay and ?-alumina
H. Zaitan, T. Chafik, O. Achak, D. Bianchi    Abstract  |article

Olivetol: constituent of lichen Evernia Prunastri Ach. or « oakmoss »
I. Hassani, H. Razzouk    Abstract  |article

Elaboration and characterization of iron (VI), sulphur (VI) and manganese (VII) mixed oxid
A. Tazi, A. Bendriss, L. Badrour, F. E. Mouahid, M. Zahir    Abstract  |article

Application of infrared Fourier transform (IRTF) spectroscopy for characterizing anhydrous cement and the hydration of polymer-Mortar composites
A. S. Benosman,  H. Taïbi, M. Mouli, M. Belbachir    Abstract  |article

A new modified carbon-paste electrode for electrochemical analysis
H. El Bakouri, A. Ouassini, J. L. Hidalgo-Hidalgo-de-Cisneros, J.  M.  Palacios-Santander,  I.  Naranjo-Rodríguez,  L. Cubillana-Aguilera      Abstract  |article

Theoretical study of the electronic and geometrical properties of 3,4 - propylenedioxythiophene oligomers
L. FERZA, H. ZGOU, M. BOUACHRINE, M. HAMIDI    Abstract  |article

A new calculation model of Laser beam induced current technique in GaAs
Y. Sayad, A. Nouiri   Abstract  |article

Oxidation-reduction properties induced by a non-thermal plasma: Chemical reactivity of the ions
A. Doubla, J.-L. Brisset    Abstract  |article

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