Effect of the ammoniac concentration on structural and electronical properties of zinc sulphide thin films prepared by CBD technique.

T. Ben Nasr, N. Kamoun, M. Mnari, A. Belhadj Amara, J. Bonnet Abstract | Article

ab initio calculation of structural and electronic properties of GaAs

F. Tarrach, N. Jaidane, Z. Ben Lakhdar Abstract | Article

Excitation of atomic hydrogen by proton impact at intermediate energies. A calculation in the Glauber’s multiply scattering formalism

A. Bouserhane, B. Lasri, M. Bouamoud Abstract | Article

Fast hollow-atom decay pProcesses in (Ne10+-C60) collisions.

A. Salmoun, S. Martin Abstract | Article

Investigations and simulations of acoustic materials signatures of amorphous silicon.

I. Hadjoub, A. Doghmane, Z. Hadjoub Abstract | Article

Investigations of elastic properties of Al2O3 layers on SiC substrate via acoustic microscopie

I. Touati, Z. Hadjoub, A. Doghmane Abstract | Article

Analytic and experimental study of the flux of the leakage transformer used in a power supply for magnetron 800 watts – 2450 Mhz

M. Chraygane, B. Hlimi, M. Ferfra, M. El Khouzaï Abstract | Article

Study of the boron transient enhanced diffusion in heavily doped polycrystalline silicon thin films.

S. Abadli, F. Mansour, P. Temple-Boyer Abstract | Article

Optical properties of In2S3 thin films deposited by vacuum thermal evaporation technique.

A. Timoumi, H. Bouzouita, M. Kanzari, B. Rezig Abstract | Article

Infrared characterization of UV-oxidized porous silicon layers

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Diurnal and nocturnal temperatures modelling of the site of Tlemcen

S. Amara, C. Zidani, D. Benaissa, F. Benyarou, B. Benyoucef Abstract | Article

Rietveld structure refinement and infrared spectra of (NH4)0,75K0,25Al(SO4)212H2O.

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Effect of oxygen adsorption and desorption on polycrystalline semiconductor layers

A. Ain-Souya, A. Haddad, R. Rehamnia, M.Ghers Abstract | Article

Chemical durability and viscosity of salt free aqueous solutions of vitreous Al2O3-MoO3-P2O5 and related glasses.

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Theoretical approach of the catalytic and selective reduction of nitrogen oxides NOx by ammoniac

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Oxygen vacancies on the metal oxides surfaces. Influence of the electronic count on their formation and their reactivity.

B. Mguig, M. Ménétrey, A. Bouzoubaa, A. Markovits, M. Calatayud, C. Minot Abstract | Article

Application of cross-fluxes dialysis to nitrate suppression in drinking waters

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Extraction and characterization of amorphous silica in the Algerian diatomite.

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Elastomers polyurethans: Effect of the concentration in soft sequence on the thermal properties

A. Elidrissi, O. Krim, A. Ramdani, S. Ouslimane, B. Ameduri Abstract | Article

Synthesis, thermogravimetric and dielectrical behaviour of a new epoxy resin based on tetraglycidylether of ethylene dianiline (TGEDA).

S. Fetouaki, M. Toufik, H. Meghraoui, A. Elharfi Abstract | Article

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