Fractal analysis of FTIR SPECTRA: Application to the characterization of amorphous carbohydrates
B. Rogé, R. Gilli, M. Mathlouthi   
Abstract  |Article

Determination of the transition probabilities of Xe II lines (6d ? 6p) and (6p ? 5d+6s) with correction of the self-absorption
H. Amamou, B. Ferhat, A. Bois    Abstract  |Article

A high-resolution FTIR-spectroscopic study of HI gas: Band analysis and the dipolar moment function
A. Domanskaya, M. Bulanin, K. Kerl    Abstract  |Article

Spectroscopy photoelectron X analysis of coating steel galvanized
O. Assala, M. Labaïz, D. Costa, P. Marcus   Abstract  |Article

Multipulse sequence modeling based on 13C NMR (GASPE) analysis of frations of Moroccan oil shales
A. Dahbi, C. Bennouna, A. Romane    Abstract  |Article

X-ray reflectometry study of amorphous carbon thin films
E. Ech-chamikh, I. Aboudihab, M. Azizan, A. Essafti, Y. Ijdiyaou et E. L. Ameziane    Abstract  |Article

Sources of production of b quarks  at the LHC: Comparison between Pythia and Isajet
M. El Kacimi, D. Goujdami, R. Lafaye    Abstract  |Article

Study on the properties of the obtained substituted poly-para-phenylene (PPP) via the electrochemical synthesis
S. Ayachi, A. H. Saïd, F. Matoussi, A. Mabrouk, P. Molinie, K. Alimi    Abstract  |Article

Firing transformations and hue changes of a dolomitic raw clay
M. Echajia, M. Hajjaji, S. Kacim, A. Outzourhit   Abstract  |Article

Infra-red characterization of local clay-sized fractions
M. Echajia, S. Kacim, M. Hajjaji    Abstract  |Article

Thermodynamic modeling contribution in the study of the water quality in Tadla’s irrigated perimeters (Morocco)
J. Ouardi, A. El Ghmari, V. Valles, R. Djamai, A. Elbouadili   Abstract  |Article

Electromagnetic interaction between a tip and a lattice: Implication for the scanning tunnelling optical microscopy
B. Labani,  A. Doufare, A. Semlali    Abstract  |Article

Determination of neutron flux angular distribution and biological dose rate in phantom organs
A. Elmorabiti, A. Jehouani, A. Oubaiddou, Z. Faik Ouahab   Abstract  |Article

Heavy metals analysis in sewage sludge treated by incineration in fluidized bed reactor
S. Bounit, M. El Meray, A. Chehbouni    Abstract  |Article

Spectroscopic characterization of the biologic decomposition of hydrocarbons in oil
N. El Boukfaoui-knidiri, S. Abid, M. Zamama    Abstract  |Article

Optical sensor for air moisture monitoring in mass metrology
N. Khélifa, S. Guellati, P. Kerviel, M. Lecollinet   Abstract  |Article

Double differential Albedo calculation of gamma rays by using the Monte Carlo method
A. Jehouani, F. Boutadghart, J. Ghassoun, A. Elmorabiti   Abstract  |Article

A model for the excitation of 25 MeV/nucleon Xe52+(1s2) ions impinging on a Silicon monocrystal in channelling conditions
B. Lasri, A. Bouserhane, M. Bouamoud, R. Gayet   Abstract  |Article

Direct thermal nitridation of thin SiO2/Si films
D. Saidi, S. Boutarfaia    Abstract

Characterisation of the compactness of a Cu layer on a n-type InP electrode
N. Moulayat, A. Etcheberry Abstract  |Article

Contribution to determination of Zirconium-rich corner of Zr-Fe phase diagram
S. Boutarfaia, D. Saidi, A. Kadri    Abstract  |Article

Lattice parameter evolution of a Pb-Sb supersaturated solid solution
M. Safi, F. Abouhilou, B. Allili, D. Bradai    Abstract  |Article

Direct torque control of induction motor, anti-windup system for speed control
A. Elbacha, M. T. Lamchich, M. Cherkaoui, Y. Zidani   Abstract

Chemical activation and evaluation of the performances of the oil shale of Timahdit
S. Ichcho, E. Khouya, S Fakhi, M. Ezzine, H. Hannache, R. Pallier, R. Naslain    Abstract  |Article

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