Quantum dynamics in Floquet theory of the periodically time-dependent harmonic oscillator under a periodic forcing
A. Fedoul, A.L. Marrakchi, S. Sayouri, A. Chatwiti    Abstract

Use of alanine dosimetry in radiotherapy
F. Benkirane, M. Trihi, A. Boulezhar, M. Mikou, A. Benider   Abstract

Stress corrosion behavior of 316L stainless steel
F. Nasri, F. Karray, C. Bradai, F. Halouani, Z. Fakhfakh   Abstract

Elaboration of a fast calculation method and algorithm of an autostabilized mode of electrical powers systems and networks
E. El Kafssaoui, A. Achachi    Abstract

Study and design of a system of acquisition of ultrasonic signals for use biomedical
S. Brahimi, L. Hlou, A. Achachi    Abstract

Seismic signal analysis by time-frequency representation: Application to El Hoceima seism
C. Bekkali, A. Bencheqroune, M. Benseddik    Abstract

An algorithm for solving the Max-RWA problem in wide all-optical WDM networks
A. Zyane, S. Pierre, Z. Guennoun    Abstract

Comparison of the thermal properties of polypropylene/copper composites to different theoretical or semi-empirical models
A. Boudenne, L. Ibos, M. Fois, E. Géhin, J-C. Majesté, Y. Candau    Abstract

Inverse heat conduction method: experimental validation applied to steels quenching
A. Azim, M. Maniana, P. Archambault, H. Rhanim   Abstract

Intensity-dependent series resistance of organic solar cells based on C60
A. Cheknane, B. Benyoucef, J.-P. Charles, F. Dujardin, N. Chabane-Sari   Abstract

Electrochemical studies on the effect of cobalt substitution by iron in LaNi3.55Mn0.4Al0.3Co0.75 alloys
C. Khaldi, H. Mathlouthi, J. Lamloumi, A. Percheron-Guégan   Abstract

Binary and ternary interactions of mercury (II) with some benzene polycarboxylic acids
A. Assabbane, S. Qourzal, M. Tamimi, A. Albourine, Y. Ait-Ichou, M. Petit-Ramel    Abstract

Methodological approach for the measurements on the same soil sample of the pedoenvironmental magnetic parameters proxies
S. Bouhlassa, A. Aboutaher, Y. Mohsine, A. Bouraja, F. Levêque   Abstract

Speciation of heavy metals in sediments of Sebou river (Morocco) by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy
B. El Kihel, M. Halim, E.B. Jaaidi, M. Ahmamou, R. Zougary   Abstract

Effect of sulphides ions on electrochemical behaviour of Cu-40Zn alloy in 3% Na Cl medium
Z. Mountassir, Z. Ait chikh, A. Srhiri    Abstract

Modulation of separation selectivity of inorganic anions in ion exchange chromatography with evaporative light scattering detector by the use of unmodified polymer-based anion exchangers
 M. El Haddad, R. Boulahjar, S. El Antri, M. Akssira, M. Dreux, S. Lazar    Abstract

Treatment of mills wastwaters by oxidation and coalation
N. Sadif, M. Mountadar    Abstract

Isolation and identification of two new compounds in Evernia Prunastri Ach. or oakmoss
I. Hassani, H. Razzouk    Abstract

Analysis by 13C NMR of some para-substituted N-2-pyrrolylidene-anilines
Z. Bengharez, S. Taleb, C. Stern, A. Mesli    Abstract

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