M. Belhaq   Preface 

Higher-order nodal integral method for the numerical solution of incompressible fluid flow equations

H. S. Amrani, M.Akhmouch, N.Guessous Abstract | Article

Simulation of the impact of an excessive water supply on the scrubbing of nitrates in the ground under the Conditions of Marrakech

N. Anadif, M. El Hisse, A. Lahrouni, B. Bennouna, S. Khabba Abstract | Article

Influence of the hydrodynamic bearings on the behavior of the rotating machinery

M. Arouch Abstract | Article

Numerical study of the interaction between conductive, convective and radiative heat transfers in a cellular structure heated from below

T. Ait-Taleb, A. Abdelbaki, Z. Zrikem Abstract | Article

The problem of the Navier-Stokes for Mach 3 flow on compression corner of 10°

D. Bahia, N. Salhi, M. Boulerhcha Abstract | Article

Multiplicity of solutions in natural convection coupled with radiation in a horizontal cavity

A. Bahlaoui, A. Raji, M. Hasnaoui Abstract |  Article

The function sigmoidale of Richards and growth of the plants

B. Bennouna, A. Lahrouni, S. Khabba et M. Elhisse Abstract | Article

Spectral discretization  of an infinite Prandtl number fluid flow in a cylindrical geometry

A. Cheddadi, E. El Guarmah Abstract | Article

Study in simulation of the regulation and the improvement of the output of a micro hydroelectric power station

M. Chennani, S. Doubabi Abstract | Article

Analysis at various levels of description of the problem of geometrically non-linear free vibrations of rectangular isotropic plates

K. EL Bikri, R. Benamar Abstract | Article

Quantification of the light absorption by plants with a complex canopy – maize case

M. El Hisse, S. Khabba, A. Lahrouni, J.-F. Ledent, B. Bennouna Abstract | Article

A local preconditioning for non-equilibrium reactive flows

I. Elmahi, O. Gloth, D. Hänel, R. Vilsmeier Abstract | Article

Determination of the inhomogeneous initial spectrum in a turbulent jet emitted from a point source

M. Hasnaoui, M. Agouzoul Abstract | Article

Natural convection in a vertical cavity confining non-Newtonian fluids

M. Lamsaadi, M. Naïmi, M. Hasnaoui Abstract | Article

Dynamic response in reflexion and transmission of multi-layer composites

M. Louzar, A. Lahrouni, Y. Chevalier Abstract | Article

Numerical simulation of a jet flow by a domain decomposition method

G. Mangoub, S. Mordane, M. Chagdali Abstract | Article

Effect of solutal gradient on unsteady flow in a vertical Bridgman cavity

A. Mouhsen, A. Semma, A. Cheddadi, A. Farchi, M. Bouzi Abstract | Article

Effects of a temperature modulation at the frontier on the convective instability of a Newtonian liquid layer

B. Oukada, M. Ouazzani Touhami, S. Aniss Abstract | Article

Analytic study of the output of a peristaltic pump

H. Rachid, M. Ouazzani Touhami Abstract | Article

Optimization of heat treatment process: case of conduction-heated foods

S. Salmaoui, A. Maaden Abstract | Article

Modeling of olive cake fermentation process

S. Salmaoui, A. Maaden Abstract | Article

Heat transfer in an annular space provided with fins: Numerical simulation of the effect of the fins width

Y. Taher, A. Cheddadi, M. T. Ouazzani Abstract | Article

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