Modelling of heat and mass transfers during drying of a building material

N. Sotehi, A. Chaker Abstract

Study of electron transport in zinc blende gallium nitride, using the Monte Carlo simulation

A. Hamdoune, N. Bachir, B. Bouazza, N.E. Chabane Sari Abstract

Control of the state of the electrical network insulation of the  mining companies for the cables maintenance.

B. Hamaidi, A. Haddouche Abstract

Influence of paste ageing and granulometry of a kaolinite clay on the physical–chemical and mechanical properties of the baked clay brick

C. Benaouina, H. Khelafi, A. Noumowé Abstract

Study of Growth Stresses in Grown Eucalyptus and Holm Oak trees

A. Daya, A. Famiri, M. Chergui, M. El Ghorba, B. Kabouchi Abstract

A Perceptual Quantization: Applications to Wavelet and DCT Coders

N. Moumkine, A. Tamtaoui, A. Ait Ouahman Abstract

Design of a tunable phased-array demultiplexer on InP using electrooptic effect

S. Elfilali, J-P. Vilcot, S. Maricot, M. Zegaoui, A. Aboudou, A. Hamdoun, A. Sabir Abstract

Thermal field () investigation of a non-reactive turbulent jet with variable density

K. Bensayah, M. Aouissi, A. Benchatti, A. Medjelled, H.A. Benhorma, A. Bounif Abstract

7-Step Reduced Mechanism of the Detailed Mechanism GRI-3.0 by using the CSP Method

A. Belcadi, E. Chatri, E. Affad, M. Assou Abstract

Cristallography and infrared and Raman study of M2CsLn(PO4)2 phosphates ( M = K, Rb ; Ln = rare earth )

L. Rghioui, L. Benarafa, S. Zaydoun, A. Lorriaux, F. Wallart Abstract

Influence of the polarising magnetic fieldspatial inhomogeneity on the shape of the absorption spectrum in pulsed nuclear magnetic resonance (N.M.R.) by Fourier transform

Y. M. Mahdad, M. Khelif Abstract

Modification by sorption and physicochemical characterizations of a dialysis membrane to produce valuable saline solutions

L. H. Essis-Tomé, T. Q. Nguyen, D. Violleau, V. Lasquellec, J. Marcq, A. Elana, M. Pontié Abstract

The exchange of phosphorus and nitrogen ions in water-sediment interface in Sebou river (Morocco)

R. Bchitou, A. Bouhaouss, A. Foutlane Abstract

Study of the protonic dissociation of chlorophenoxyacetic and cholorophenoxypropionic acids by potentiometry and UV-visible spectroscopy

H. Eljazouli, N. Mounir, A. Lacherai, H. Kabli, F. Masbouh, Y. Aït Ichoua, A. Albourine Abstract

Di(terthiophene) dithiolene complexes (d8) DFT study

K. Hasnaoui, M. Hamidi, M. Bouachrine Abstract

Synthesis, condensation reaction to unsaturated system, reduction and oxydation of R-(-)-carvone: principal constituent of mentha spicata

S. Kharchouf, L. Majidi, H. Abraoui, Z. Faska Abstract

Study of the fragmentation of 4-acyl isochroman-1,3-diones in mass spectrometry

A. Djandé, L. Kaboré, A. Saba, J. P. Aycard Abstract

Thermodynamic modelling contribution in the study of the water quality in Tadla’s irrigated perimeters (Morocco)

J. Ouardi, A. El Ghmari, V. Valles, R. Djamai, A. Elbouadili Abstract

Kinetics of degradation of photodegradable polyethylene films by the elongation at break method

D. Fadel, A. Laïfa, R. Djamaï Abstract 

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