A strain-energy decomposition based failure criterion for analysis of initiation damage modes in cross-ply laminates

J. -L. Rebière Abstract | article

Investigation of the structure and thermodynamics of star-polymers in semi-dilute solution

F. Benzouine, M. Yassine, A. Derouiche, A. Bettachy, M. Benhamou Abstract | article

Allylglycidylether polymerization by sacrificial anodes

N.-E. Djelali,  D. Aliouche Abstract | article

The use of advanced micro-electrodes for simultaneous measuring of local velocity and concentration in liquid flows

A. Meghebbar, H. J. Begorre Abstract | article


Adaptive compression of cartographic images based on Haar's wavelets

M. Benabdellah, M. Gharbi, F. Regragui, N. Lamouri, E. Bouyakhf Abstract | article


Helium-like ion states in front of an Aluminium surface

M. Zitane, A. Makhoute, M. Bakkali, G. RAahali Abstract | article


Variation of the Frenkel pairs quantities versus nuclear energy in materials

F.Z. Benkenfoud, S. Hadsi, A. Belaidi Abstract | article


Height trimer barrier effect on the nature of the electronic states of GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs superlattice

R. Djelti, Z. Aziz, S. Bentata Abstract | article


Numerical simulation of thermal protection with liquid film along a vertical channel

B. Er-raha, M. Feddaoui, H. Meftah, A. Mir Abstract | article


Supercritical fluid extraction of pesticides in tomatoes

R. Salghi, A. Hormatallah, M. Boulaid, L. Bazzi, E. Ait Addi Abstract | article


Predicting solar radiation using fuzzy systems and stochastic process

R. Iqdour, A. Zeroual Abstract | article


The DFT study and opto-electronic properties of copolymers based on thiophene and phenylene

H. Zgou, M. Hamidi, M. Bouachrine, K. Hasnaoui Abstract | article


Adsorption of Cu (II), Zn(II) and Cd(II) onto activated carbons obtained by chemical activation of almond shells

M. Zouaoui-Rabah, A. Benghalem, S. Taleb Abstract | article


Effect of acidizing on the methidathion persistence on clementine of North of Morocco (Berkane)

E. Zerouali, R. Salghi,  A. Hormatallah, B. Hammouti, M. Benkaddour, E. Zine, L. Bazzi Abstract | article


Synthesis of 4 and 5 substituted ribofuranosyl triazoles

M. F. Azaroual, E.M. El Hadrami, A. Bentama, A. Hamdach Abstract | article


Dipolar-1,3 cycloaddition of nitrones upon fluorinated compounds

N. Naji, M. Soufiaoui Abstract | article


Biodegradation of carbofuran by a fungus isolated from treated soil

M. Slaoui, M.Ouhssine, E . Berny, M. Elyachioui Abstract | article


Natural colorants from prickly pear fruit juices: Extraction, Separation, Characterization

and Stability study

S. Maataoui Belabbes, A. Hmyene, M. Khalid, S. Hilali Abstract | article


Contribution to the study of the processes of water salinity of the superficial aquifer of Zâafrane, Southern Algeria application of thermodynamic

A. Maoui, N. Kherici Abstract | article


Alkalinity and contribution of the geochemestry. Case of the soils of the lake Fetzara (algerian North-East).

R.  Djamaï, Y.  Daoud,  J. Ouardi, V. Vallès, D. Fadel, A. Laïfa, M. Benslama Abstract | article

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