A simple approach to interpret electrical and structural properties of sol gel processed plt ceramics K. Limame, S. Sayouri, A. Housni, R. Essehli, B. Jaber Abstract  | Article  | Pages: 1-6


XPS Study of kinetic photooxydation of PP and PVC D.Sqalli Houssaini, M.Rjeb, A.Labzour, S.Sayouri, A.Rjeb, S.Massey, D.Roy,H.Oudghiri Hassani   Abstract  | Article  | Pages: 7-11


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Films with graded refractive index based on silicon and titanium oxides. Application to solar cells A. Mahdjoub, L. Zighed, L. Remache   Abstract  | Article | Pages: 18-26


Stochastic analysis and parametric identification of moving average (MA) 
non Gaussian signal using cumulants 
J. Antari, A. Zeroual, S. Safi   Abstract | Article | Pages: 27-32

A versatile platform for ad-hoc wireless sensor network node in FPGA      A. Habbani, P. Garda, J. El Abbadi   Abstract  | Article | Pages: 33-39


New approach for detection the changes of vegetable coverage  A. Habbani, J. El Abbadi, A. Farchi  Abstract  | Article | Pages: 40-52


Electronic and optical calculations of the boron compounds BP, BAs and BSb
S. Ghemid, H. Meradji, S. Drablia, R. Boulechfar, B. Abbar, B. Bouhafs 
Abstract  | Article  | Pages: 53-58


Studies on satellite and ground based measurements of aerosols over Marrakech’s region A. Bounhir, E. Siher, L. Masmoudi, M. Hamri   Abstract  | Article | Pages: 59-63


Thermal non destructive sounding of materials, TNDT, by the finite differences method S. Sahnoun, S. Belattar   Abstract  | Article  | Pages: 64-68


Metal coating induced surface phase transition in stainless steel influence on the corrosion resistance N. Boutarek, D. Saidi, D. Hendel, A. Kimouche,
D. Bouslimane 
Abstract | Article  | Pages: 69-75


Retention of chlorides on biopolymers such as agar-agar and balls of chitosan M.Cherrab, B. El Arfaoui, K. Jaafari, A. Khaoulani Idrissi, K. Benkhouja,
M. Siniti, S. Elmaleh  
Abstract  | Article  | Pages: 76-78


Explorations of urinary stones collected in Meknès by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy F. Laziri, F. Rhazi Filali, A. Amechrouq, H. Bendifi    Abstract  | Article | Pages: 79-84


Condensation of 7-aminoindoles with ethyl acetoacetate A. El Kihel, M. Ahbala, T. Harjane, E.M. Essassi, P.  Bauchat   Abstract  | Article | Pages: 85-87


Elaboration and characterization of new solid polymer electrolyte membranes based on poly (4-vinyl imidazole) and silicotungstic acid H. Essaoudi, B. Tazi,
F. Guenoun, A. Larbot, P. Sistat  
      Abstract  | Article  | Pages: 89-96


Protonation of uracil, thymin and 5-halogenouracil examined at the isolated state. Calculation of the protonic affinitys by the AM1 method             H. Eljazouli , H. Kabli, T. Atbir, M. Elamine, A. Albourine   Abstract  | Article  | Pages: 97-104


Condensation of aromatic grignard reagents to monoterpenic ketones : Pulégone and Menthone Z. Faska, L. Majidi, R. Fihi    Abstract  | Article  | Pages: 105-107


Preparation and characterisation of activated carbon of argan wood        A. Karouite, A. Elabed, E. Khamlich, A. Zeriouh, L. Belkbir   Abstract  | Article | Pages: 108-114


QSAR for anti-malarial products M. Zahouily, M. Lazar   Abstract  |  Article | Pages: 115-119


Physico-chemical characterisation of a clay rock from Meknes-Tafilalet region        A. El Gamouz, H. Bendifi, M. El Amane, L. Messaoudi, N. Tijani              Abstract | Article  | Pages: 120-125


Bioindication  the air pollution by total hydrocarbons by using a lichenic specie in the area of Skikda Algeria D.  Fadel, I. Boughambouz, A. Laïfa, R. Djamaï   Abstract  | Article  | Pages: 126-130


Neural networks and their applications in chemistry and biology L. Douali,
A. R. Schmitzer, D. Villemin, A. Jarid, D. Cherqaoui 
Abstract  | Article | Pages: 131-144

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