Secondary electron emission of an insulating target bombarded by a defocused electron beam R. Renoud, B. Askri, F. Papin, K. Raouadi, B. Yangui 
Abstract  | Article    Pages: 1-8


Identification of correct number of clusters with high degree of overlap O. Ammor, A. Lachkar, K. Slaoui, N. Rais   Abstract | Article    Pages: 9-17


Calculation of plasma dielectric function in several regions of frequency M. Benhaliliba, A. Belasri    Abstract  | Article      Pages: 18-30


A multi-tag radio-frequency identification system using new blind source separation 
methods based on spectral decorrelation H. Saylani, S. Hosseini , Y. Deville, 
M. Habibi    Abstract | Article  Pages: 31-42

Numerical method applied to the nondestructive characterization of the cracks in the roadways Elballouti, S. Belattar    Abstract | Article   Pages: 43-47


Modelisation by non linear identification algorithm of electric machines M. Zegrari, A. Badri   Abstract | Article   Pages: 48-53


Kinematic study of the elution of red blood cells labelled with 99mTc in a system of sedimentation field flow fractionation (FFF) A. Saad, A. Echchelh, P. Cardot   Abstract | Article    Pages: 54-60


Use of new gamma densitometer gauge for the control of the dams’ cleaning operations K. Laraki, R. Alami, R. Cherkaoui-Elmoursli, L. El Badri, P. Bresset, T. Poggi   Abstract | Article     Pages: 61-66


Effect of Cerium doping on dielectric and structural properties of sol-gel processed (Ba1-xSrx)(Ti1-yCey)O3 M. Ez-Zejjari, S. Sayouri, A. Alimoussa, H. Ahamdane, K. Bouayad, T. Lamcharfi, Y. Benjelloun    Abstract |  Article     Pages: 67-71


Aluminium doping level fffect on ZnO thin films properties C. E. Benouis,  A. Sanchez Juarez,  M. S. Aida   Abstract | Article    Pages: 72-79


Corrosion of Fe (Cr, Mo) alloys in the presence of ions composed gas atmosphere (I.C.G) N. Bensekhri, H. Essom    Abstract |  Article   Pages: 80-86


Effect of hydrolysis on structures and surfaces of La2O3, Nd2O3 and Sm2O3
M. Ghelamallah, H. Heireche, S. Kacimi   
Abstract | Article    Pages: 87-91


Effect of barium on the surfaces and the reductibility of rare earth oxides La2O3, Nd2O3 and Sm2O3 M. Ghelamallah, M. Sebane, S. Kacimi    Abstract | Article     Pages: 92-97


Characterization of Holm Oak wood samples of Azrou region by ultrasonic goniometry technique and by the host disk method  B. Kabouchi, A. Famiri , M. Ziani , J. Ringa, J. Gril, T. Laurent, J. Gérard    Abstract  | Article     Pages: 98-103


Electronic spectra of 4-amino-benzonitrile (ABN) single crystal J. Bosson-Ehooman, P. L. Baldeck, M. Pierre    Abstract | Article    Pages: 104-112


Synthesis of Imidazolines and Imidazoles Derivatives from 1,2-Diamines and N-Substituted Imidates K. Sindi, P. H. Kahn, M. T. Kaddachi     Abstract | Article    Pages: 113-115


Synthesis and characterization of cyclam diprotoned [CyclamH2]Cl2 and of association complexes [CyclamH2][MCl4]  M=Cd(II), Cu(II), Zn(II), Ni(II) Cyclam = 1,4,8,11-tetraazacyclotetradecane H. Bendifi, M. Fahim, M. El Amane, H. Atmani  
  Abstract  | Article Pages: 116-120


Improvement of no-treated sediments in mortars L. Ben Allal, M. Ammari, M. Haj Chaib, P. Clastres, S. Jullien    Abstract | Article    Pages: 121-127


Chemical composition of the essential oil of the Moroccan Tetraclinis articulata (Vahl)    B. Bourkhiss, M. Ouhssine, M. Hnach, A. Amechrouq, A. Chaouch, B. Satrani   Abstract | Article    Pages: 128-132


In vitro study of mineralization in a market gardening ground M. Soltane, D. Fadel, A. Slimani    Abstract | Article    Pages: 133-137


Physical properties and chemical durability of zinc-lead-iron phosphate glasses
A. El Hadrami, M. Mesnaoui, M. Maazaz, J. -J. Videau   
Abstract | Article         Pages: 138-142

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