Retrieval of line parameters from high resolution Fourier Transform laboratory spectra in support of atmospheric spectroscopy

M. Badaoui, F. Schreier, G. Wagner, M. Birk Abstract  | Article   Pages: 1-9


Development of an all-solid-state pulsed picosecond laser system for nonlinear spectroscopy

A. A. Mani, A. K. Jazmati, M. D. Zidan, F. G. Awad, L. Dreesen, Y. Caudano, C. Silien, Y. Sartenaer, D. Lis, L. Lamard, P.A. Thiry, A. Peremans

Abstract  | Article   Pages: 10-18


Paraxial Propagation of vector Mathieu-Gauss beams

A. Chafiq, Z. Hricha, A. Belafhal Abstract  | Article   Pages: 19-22


Measurement of neutral gas density in corona discharge by interferometric laser

N. Bendimered, M. Lemerini, B. Benyoucef, B. Liani, A. Bensenane

Abstract  | Article   Pages: 23-27


Determination of the spatial distribution of the temperature and the density of Helium in a discharge crowns using an interferometer of Mach-Zenhder

A. Bensenane, M. Lemerini,  B. Liani,  N. Bendimered Abstract  | Article  Pages: 28-33


On functional groups in STM images of self-assembled monolayers

C. Volcke, C. Humbert, P. Simonis, P. Lambin, C. Culot, P. A. Thiry

Abstract  | Article    Pages: 34-38


Radiative cooling of SiO/Al/Glass multilayer coatings

T. Mouhib, M. Benlattar, A. Mouhsen, E. M. Oualim, M. Harmouchi, P. Defrance, J. P. Vigneron  Abstract  | Article  Pages: 34-38


Performances of the finite element method in near-field optics

R. Fikri,  J.-P. Vigneron Abstract  | Article   Pages: 44-51


Evaluation of the self-absorption phenomenon related to the radioactivity measurements of environmental samples

D. Qassoud, M. Ibnmajah, K. Embarch Abstract  | Article   Pages: 52-56


A Monte Carlo computer code for evaluating the electronic energy loss of channeling ions in silicon

O. El Bounagui, H. Erramli Abstract  | Article    Pages: 57-62


Monte Carlo method for electron and photon absorbed dose distributions and beam quality for radiotherapy applications

J. Ghassoun, B. Chkillou, A. Jehouani Abstract  | Article   Pages: 63-66


Modeling of the cross sections weighting

A. Oubaiddou, A. Jehouani, J. Ghassoun, Z. Faik Ouahab Abstract  | Article          Pages: 67-71


Application of Alanine/EPR dosimetry to an X-ray source

S. Elhamd, F. Benkirane, M. Mikou, M. Trihi, A. Boulezhar Abstract  | Article        Pages: 72-74


Use of sugar/EPR dosimetry in radiotherapy    

M. Mikou, N. Ghosne, M. Bougteb, M. Aboulfatah Abstract  | Article  Pages: 75-79


Study of the effect of g radiation on precipitation of Al-Cu alloy using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)

R. Mechiakh, A. Boumaiza, R. Amri, M. Bouchear Abstract  | Article   Pages: 80-85


Heat and mass transfers in honeycomb matrix

A. Tajmouati, G. Peraudeau, H. Bouayad, B. Bonduelle, A. Alhamany, H. El Omari Abstract  | Article    Pages: 86-94


The Effect of physical and geometrical parameters on the conversion efficiency of a monocrystallin silicon photovoltaic module

H. Samet, R. Ayadi, M. Ben Amar Abstract  | Article   Pages: 95-101


An expanding plasma process for thin metal films nitriding: reactivity and structure of the surface correlated to microwave plasma parameters

I. Jauberteau, P. Goudeau,  J. L. Jauberteau, B. Soulestin, M. Marteau, M. Cahoreau, J. Aubreton Abstract  | Article   Pages: 102-108


Quick Fem analysis Of  3 D mitered  E plane corners

K. Nouri, M. Feham, O. Abbes Abstract  | Article    Pages: 109-116


The influence of the doping concentration and the temperature on the electronics transport in III-V materials

C. Sayah, L. Amer, B. Bouazza, A. Guen-Bouazza, N. E. Chabane-Sari, C. Gontrand Abstract  | Article   Pages: 117-121


Far infrared reflectivity of Pr-doped YBa2Cu3O7 thin films

A. El Azrak, M. Zazoui, J. Meziane, R. Mountasser, M. Hamedoun, I. Zorkani, R. Lobo, N. Bontemps Abstract  | Article   Pages: 122-126


Magnetic susceptibility study in quenched Ni2Si intermetallic compound

A. Jennane, O. Sassi, E. H. Sayouty, J. Aride, J. Bernardini, G. Moya

Abstract  | Article  Pages: 127-130


Expression of the Hall coefficient of semiconductor

M. Maahoud, L. El Abdellaoui, H.Tijani Abstract  | Article  Pages: 131-134


Ageing effect on relaxations and transitions in poly(vinylidene fluoride)

A. Gasmi, M. Gouasmia, D. Bicha, M. Ghers Abstract  | Article   Pages: 135-141


Elaboration and study of metal oxides for their use in gas detectors

M. Ghers, A. Haddad, R. Ganfoudi, N. Chahmat, A. Ain-Souya, A. Gasmi Abstract  | Article   Pages: 142-147


Elaboration and structural characterization of thin films of  chalcopryite (CuFeS2)

S. Moufok, N. Hamdadou, A. Khelil, J. C. Bernede Abstract  | Article  Pages: 148-151


Electrical properties of polypyrrole/polymethylmethacrylate composites in the frequency range of 100 Hz-100 kHz

F. Gmati, A. Fattoum, A. Belhadj Mohamed, H. Zangar, A. Ooutzourit, M. S. Achour Abstract  | Article   Pages: 152-155


Electrical properties of polyaniline doped with dichloride and trichloride acetic acids

A. Fattoum, W. Dhaoui, M. Arous, F. Gmati, A. El Mansouri, A. Belhadj Mohamed, M.E.Achour Abstract  | Article   Pages: 156-160


Electro-chemical behaviour of stainless seels 304L and 316L in chlorides

F. Karray, N. Chaabane Abstract  | Article   Pages: 161-164

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