Effect of climatic parameters on reference evapo-transpiration in the Tafilalet arid area

S. Bouhlassa, S. Paré 

Abstract | article Pages: 1-6


Determination of atractyloside from Atractylis gummifera L. by HPLC method

N. Zaim, L. Guemouri, N. El Abbadi, E. Fouzi, A. Benjouad, M. El Mzibri 

Abstract | article Pages: 7-12


Research of the working rational regime of transformers. Doorstep  method  

M. Kara, A. Haddouche 

Abstract | article Pages: 13-17


Nonlinear flexural free vibrations of thin circular rings: An explicit approach

M. Rougui, F. Moussaoui, M. Masrar, R. Benamar 

Abstract | article Pages: 18-28


Transfer of mass on a streaming plane of a non- established laminar liquid film

A. Zouana, C. Philippe, M. Hounkanlin 

Abstract | article Pages: 29-34


Two in-line holograms algorithm applied to PIV

S. Houmairi, K. Assid, S. Rachafi, A. Nassim 

Abstract | article Pages: 35-39


Characterization and measurement in permanent regime and transient regime of thermophysical properties of earth stabilised with margins.

A. Homari, A. El Bouardi, M. Tyouri, T. Ajzoul, H. Ezbakhe 

Abstract | article Pages: 40-49


Electrothermal modeling of the PIN Diode : Circuit approach

E. Elwarraki,  A. Sabir,  A. Bennis 

Abstract | article Pages: 50-57


Microscopic mechanism of the cubic-rhombohedral phase transition in LiNbO3

A. Toumanari, M. Bour, E. El-lfrikhe, D. Khatib 

Abstract | article Pages: 58-64


Chemical composition and electronic structure of thermally grown oxide films on 304 stainless steel

N. E. Hakiki, B. Maachi  

Abstract | article Pages: 65-69


Relaxation time for an assembly of ferromagnetic nanoparticles under a randomly oriented magnetic field

A.  Housni, S. Sayouri, A. Kaal, R. Cherkaoui, K. Limame, A. Labzour, A. Berrada 

Abstract | article Pages: 70-73


Synthesis and glass transition temperature measurements in mixed former glasses

A. P. Ahoussou, A. Kouyate, D. Diabate, J. Rogez, A. Kone 

Abstract | article Pages: 74-77


Waste water purification by lagunage for removal of phosphorus compounds by using the ACP

N. Fatah, J. Bahij, R. Bchitou, A. Bouhaouss 

Abstract | article Pages: 78-83


Thermal and dielectrical properties of an epoxy resin based on 4.4’-dihydroxydiphenylsulfone cured with diamines aromatics

H. Meghraoui, N. Rami, M. Toufik, A. Elharfi, M. E. Achour, F. Carmona, A. Outzourhit 

Abstract | article Pages: 84-92


Synthesis of a new g-lactam functionalised from Tulipalin A

N. Laghrib, R. Fihi, L. Majidi, Z. Faska, N. Faska 

Abstract | article Pages: 93-96


Kinetics and mechanism of phenol degradation on TiO2 photocatalyst

S. Qourzal, M. Tamimi, A. Assabbane, Y. Ait-Ichou 

Abstract | article Pages: 97-105


Decolouration of textile’s effluents discoloration by adsorption in static reactor and in dynamic reactor

on the phosphocalcic apatites

Z. Rais, M. Taleb, M. Sfaira, M. Filali Baba, B. Hammouti, J. Maghnouj, M. Hadji 

Abstract | article Pages: 106-111


Inorganic quality of surface waters in arid zone: case of Wadi  El hai dam “Fontaine des Gazelles” (area of Biskra, S.E. Algeria)

Z. Guerraiche, A. Boudoukha, H. Mekaoussi 

Abstract | article Pages: 112-121


Analysis of sediment contamination in the harbour of Skikda

M. Kherouf, R. Mansouri, M. Guenfoud 

Abstract | article Pages: 122-130


Application of experimental design to study pretreatment of cheese whey by lactic fermentation and neutralization with lime

H. Gannoun, M. Hamdi 

Abstract | article Pages: 131-137


Synthesis of pyrano[3,2-c]benzopyran-5-ones derivatives catalysed by sodium floride under microwave irradiation

M. Ouaddi, L. Khamliche, S. Bakkas 

Abstract | article Pages: 138-141

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