How quantum tunneling broke the light speed barrier:  Photonic Tunneling proceeds faster than Light

G. Nimtz, A. A. Stahlhofen  Abstract | article Pages: 1-4


Study of plumes mixing from biomass burning and dust haze over West Africa

F.-X. D. Bouo Bella, Y. Tchétché, P. Assamoi, S. Cautenet, G. Cautenet  Abstract | article Pages:  5-18


A simple approach for the problem of the harmonic oscillator wirh time-dependent mass and frequency

Y. Achkar, S. Sayouri, A.L. Marrakchi   Abstract | article Pages:  19-24


Dielectric anomalies at high temperature in sol gel processed BZT ceramics

A. Ameziane El Hassani, T. Lamcharfi, S. Sayouri, N.S. Echatoui, D. Mezzane, L.Hajji  Abstract | article Pages:  25-29


Structural and Dielectric Characterisation of Hydrothermally Processed Translucent

PLZT/y Ferro ceramics

T. Lamcharfi, S. Sayouri, N.S. Echatoui, A. Ameziane El Hassani, M. Elazhari, A. Outzourhit, A. AliMousa, E. Hajji  Abstract | article Pages:  30-35


Influence of the anisotropy structural on the mechanical behavior during the deformation by drawing

A. Boumaiza, N. Rouag , T. Baudin,  R. Penelle  Abstract | article Pages:  36-42


Identification of a regression model of the temperature under greenhouse

L. Ezzine, A. Lachhab, A. Eddahhak,  B. Bouchikhi  Abstract | article Pages: 43-51


RF resonant applicator at 27.12 MHz with capacitive coupling

D. Barama, M. Bendaoud  Abstract | article Pages: 52-63


Comparison of micro and macroscopic crack propagation rates in fatigue plastic

M. Ghammouri, J. Mendez  Abstract | article Pages: 64-68


The effects of 1MeV neutrons irradiation on the Hall mobility of n-GaAs obtained by MOCVD

H. El Ghazi, I. Zorkani, A. Jorio  Abstract | article Pages: 69-74


Influence of dissipated energy on adiabatic shear band spacing

N. Ouadoudi, O. Oussouaddi, L. Daridon, S. Ahzi, A. Chrysochoos  Abstract | article Pages: 75-81


Study of lipids from a forest soil in the Tangier area (north of Morocco)

A. Aassiri, L. Lemée, M. Khaddor, A. Amblès  Abstract | article Pages: 82-88


Dry reforming of methane over rhodium supported on aAl2O3 and La2O3 doped with barium and strontium

M. Sebane, R-I. Fertout, M. Ghelamallah, S. Kacimi  Abstract | article Pages: 89-97


Synthesis of new heterocyclic systems by 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition from the 1,5-benzodiazepine-2,4-dione

I. Cherif Alaoui, Y. Kandri Rodi, A. Keita, S. Sabir, M.K. Skalli, E.M. El Hadrami, E.M. Essassi  

Abstract | article Pages:  98-103


Synthesis of homoditopic macrocycle ligands with pyrazolic and piperazinic units

S. El Kadiri, A. Ramdani, R. Touzani  Abstract | article Pages: 104-108


Interfacial stress analysis, of structures Reinforced with a bonded (FRP) composites, under thermal loads and “Shear Lag” effect

B. Kerboua, A. Tounsi, E. Adda bedia, M. Kotbi  Abstract | article Pages: 109-115


Study, characterization and influence of sand use in the process of infiltration-percolation

M. Ez-zahery, N. El Alem, M. Farah,  A. Zouhri  Abstract | article Pages: 116-120


Structural analysis of water inclusion complex of 3,4,5-trimethoxy N-(3-methoxy salicylidene) aniline C17H19O5N 0.5H2O

C. G. Kodjo, J. Estienne, N. Ziao, J. A. Tenon  Abstract | article Pages: 121-129


Chemical study and ionic conductivity of new diphosphates containing Ag+ and Li+

M. Bouziane, M. Taibi, A. Boukhari  Abstract | article Pages: 130-135


Interaction of chitosan with metallic ions. Applications on the metallic depollution of waste water from Marrakech

M. Rhazi, A. Tolaimate, A. Alagui, J. Desbrieres, M. Rinaudo  Abstract | article Pages: 136-141

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