Aluminium introduction in CuInSe2 thin films by flash evaporation

A. Kachouane, E. Halgand, S. Marsillac, J. C. Bernède  Abstract | article | Pages: 1-5


Structural study of water in a reverse Monte Carlo (RMC) Simulation

M. Kotbi , O. Abbes  Abstract | article | Pages: 6-11


Modeling of the radiation emitted by thermal plasmas. Calculation of the radiation emitted by an ionized medium of methane in the monodimensional case

H. Riad, A. Cheddadi, A. Gleizes  Abstract | article | Pages: 12-16


Phase matching  between two modes TE and TM in a thin layer of rectangular waveguides with optimized dimensions and containment

M. R. Lebbal, T. Boumaza, M. Bouchemat, A. Hocini, J. J. Rosseau, F. Royer  Abstract | article | Pages: 17-22


Simulation of the thermal history and induced mechanical stresses during a plasma spray coating process

K. Fataoui, B. Pateyron, M. El Ganaoui, H. Rhanim, A. Belafhal  Abstract | article | Pages: 23-28


Improvement of the technique "Perturb and Observe" for the extraction of the maximum power

of the photovoltaic cells

A. Brahmi, A. Abounada, M. Ramzi  Abstract | article | Pages: 29-33


Multi-view re-projection for 3D-object reconstruction

H. El Hafed, Z. Guennoun, A. Lichioui  Abstract | article | Pages: 34-41


Methods of recognition of forms and detection of anomalies in real time based on AdaBoost

H. Roukhe, A. Roukhe, M. Hlou, A. Mnijel, A. Bouzid  Abstract | article | Pages: 42-50


Analytic determination of the flux and the currents of the leakage flux transformer of a high voltage power supply for magnetron used for the industrial micro-waves generators 800 Watts – 2450 Mhz.

M. Chraygane, M. Ferfra, B. Hlimi  Abstract | article | Pages: 51-61


Crystal structure of 2-morpholino-5-nitrobenzaldehyde

R. K. Yao, Y. M. Yapo, A. Adjou, A. J. N’Gouan, N. Ebby Abstract | article | Pages:62-65


Contribution to the study on the inhibitor effect of orange juice on to iron corrosion by cyclic voltammetry in NaOH media

A. Yapi, A. N’Ze, A.P. Ahoussou, A. Trokourey, Y. Bokra  Abstract | article | Pages: 66-76


Crystal structure of (5-nitro-2-piperidino)benzylidene paratoluene sulfonylhdrazone

Y. M. Yapo, R. Kakou Yao, A. Timotou, A. J. N’Gouan, A. J. Tenon  Abstract | article | Pages: 77-80


Grafting of various monomers on low density polyethylene ozonized

M. Assouag, A. Elmidaoui,  A. Elbachiri, D. Abouelaoualim, J.J. Robin, B. Boutevin  Abstract | article | Pages: 81-86


Chemical ground water quality of the aquifer of Guelma in north-east of Algeria

T.  Nouar,  D. Messadi, L. Nouar  Abstract | article | Pages: 87-94


Influence of compensatory space shape and blasting direction on the fragmentation quality by explosives

A. Hafsaoui, Y. Hammar, S. Mechachti, K. Talhi  Abstract | article | Pages: 95-99


Accidental pollution of the grounds by the crude oil of the farms of Aïn SMARA IN the Algerian North - East

A. Laïfa, D. Fadel, R. Djamaï, I. Boughambouz  Abstract | article | Pages: 100-105


Removal of melassigenic ions by electrodialysis for cane sugar juice

F. Elmidaoui, M.O. El Khattabi, M. El Amrani, I. Idrissi, F. Tiyal, My R. Alaoui Hafidi, A. Elmidaoui  

Abstract | article | Pages: 106-115


Synthesis of new catecholic siderophore-like molecules derived from spermidine

K. Sindi, F. Rezgui, P. H. Kahn  Abstract | article | Pages: 116-121


Synthesis and characterization of polyurethanes containing biodegradable segments: Study of degradation

A. Elidrissi, O. Krim, R. Elmahi, S. El barkany, A. Ouslim  Abstract | article | Pages: 122-128


Determination heats formation of the halogenous phosphorated compounds PH n X 3-n  (or X=F, Cl, Br and I)

H. Bourzi, M. Hilali, L. Bazzi, S. El Issami, M. Hilali, L. Ait Addi, F. Hachami, D. Peeters 

Abstract | article | Pages: 129-138


Electrochemical study of LaNi3.55Mn0.4Al0.3Fe0.75 negative electrode material

C. Khaldi, H. Mathlouthi, J. Lamloumi, A. Percheron-Guégan  Abstract | article | Pages: 139-142

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