Synthesis and multi-scale characterization of high performance F-doped PZT

L. Lebrun, L. Eyraud, B. Guiffard, S. Pruvost, G. Sébald, D. Guyomar

Abstract | article | Pages: 1-14


Ab initio structure determination of heavy oxide Sr9Mn5Co2O21 from precession electron diffraction data

K. Boulahya, M. Parras, J. M. González-Calbet, S. Nicolopoulos

Abstract | article | Pages: 15-19


Physical property variations of three composites with fine particles adjunction

V. Dupuis, D. Gillet, F. Moya

Abstract | article | Pages: 20-24


Temperature effects on surface acoustic wave velocities in TiB2 materials

M. Doghmane, F. Hadjoub, I. Hadjoub, A. Doghmane

Abstract | article | Pages: 25-29


Investigation of surface acoustic wave reflection at the liquid/thin film/solid interface systems

I. Beldi, Z. Hadjoub, A. Doghmane

Abstract | article | Pages: 30-35


Experimental investigations of interface effects in nano-metric active layer of gallium arsenide metal-semiconductor field effect transistors

A. Khoualdia, Z. Hadjoub, A. Doghmane

Abstract | article | Pages: 36-40


Effects of nano-silicon layer thickness on surface acoustic wave velocities

A. Doghmane, I. Hadjoub, Z. Hadjoub

Abstract | article | Pages: 41-45


Theoretical study of superficial segregation in infinitely dilute binary alloys made of nickel, copper, silver and gold

B. Lezzar, O. Hardouin Duparc, O. Khalfallah, A. Larere, V. Paidar

Abstract | article | Pages: 46-49


Catalytic behavior of polycrystalline barium cerate in presence of air - methane mixtures

A. Benlhachemi, K. Ouzaouit, , , ,, ;;   H. Benyaich, S. Villain, J.R. Gavarri

Abstract | article | Pages: 50-54


Multiphase Lanthanum hydroxycarbonates and langasite ceramics for gas sensors

B. Bakiz, K. Ouzaouit, A. Benlhachemi, J-R. Gavarri, S. Villain, A.Essoumhi, H. Benyaich

Abstract | article | Pages: 55-60


Elastic properties of nanomaterials based on porous silicon

K. Rahmoun, Z. Fekih, F.Z. Otmani, C. Mathieu, N.E. Chabane Sari

Abstract | article | Pages: 61-65


The Fragmentation process of multicharged C60

A. Salmoun,  S. Martin

Abstract | article | Pages: 66-69


Influence of the size of nanoparticles on the diagrams phases

M. L. Lahlaouti, A. Anakkar, J. M. Buisine

Abstract | article | Pages: 70-76


The long chain branching and their influences on linear viscoelastic properties of the melt Samples of polyolefines

S. Belmiloud, A. Bensafi, M. Benmona

Abstract | article | Pages: 77-84


Photocatalytic degradation of methyl orange with immobilized TiO2 nanoparticles: effect of pH and some inorganic anions

N. Barka, A. Assabbane, A. Nounah, J. Dussaud, Y. Ait Ichou

Abstract | article | Pages: 85-88


Extraction of gelatinous proteins from untanned wastes, their concentration using membrane filtration and their characterisation

A. Gammoun, S. Tahiri, N. Saffaj, H. Loukili, A. Albizane, S. Alami Younssi, M. Azzi, M. de la Guardia

Abstract | article | Pages: 89-93


Predicting the filtration performances of ultrafiltration ceramic membranes by streaming potentials measurements. Application to removal of salts in liquid effluents

H. Loukili, S. Alami Younssi, A. Albizane, M. Bouhria, M. Persin; A. larbot

Abstract | article | Pages: 94-97


The rejection of anionic dyes solutions using an ultrafiltration ceramic membrane

 H. Loukili, S. Alami Younssi, A. Albizane, J. Bennazha, M. Persin, A. Larbot, S. Tahiri

Abstract | article | Pages: 98-101


Cristallochemistry and magnetic studies of the system LiNiP1-xVxO4  (0£x£1)

K. Rissouli, B. El Arfaoui, E. Lemrabet, K. Jaafari, A. Khaoulani Idrissi, K. Benkhouja

Abstract | article | Pages: 102-105


Uniaxial stress dependence of the piezoelectric properties of tetragonal Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)Ti(1-x)O3 ceramics

A. Hajjaji, S. Pruvost, G. Sebald, L. Lebrun, D. Guyomar, K. Benkhouja

Abstract | article | Pages: 106-115


Reduction of nitrogen oxides in a perfect stirred reactor agitated and in a flame of kerosene premixing

M. Aouissi, A. Bounif, A.Khaldi, I. Gokalp

Abstract | article | Pages: 116-134


Effect of the impurities on the collective mode of a one-dimensional charge density wave compound

M. Qjani, A. Arbaoui, Y. Boughaleb

Abstract | article | Pages: 135-138

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