Design, frequency characterization and transient response evaluation of a GaAs MMIC bandpass filter for UWB applications

S. Mazer, C. Rumelhard, C. Algani, M. Terré

Abstract | article | Pages: 1-4


Investigation arabic speech recognition from signal to its interpretation

H. Satori, N. Chenfour, M. Harti

Abstract | article | Pages: 5-10


Simulation and optimisation of a double synchronous detection used in the signal processing of a sensor

with a sinusoidal transfer function

K. Benhida, M. M. Hassani, A. Ghammaz

Abstract | article | Pages: 11-16


The fuzzy hierarchical segmentation based on the criteria of validity

A. Mnijel, L. Hlou, A. Roukhe, H. Roukhe, A. Lichioui

Abstract | article | Pages: 17-25


Adaptive fuzzy control for a multivariable system with a Takagi Sugeno model

M. Massour El Aoud, M. Franceschi, M. Maher

Abstract | article | Pages: 26-32


Fast and exact expression for the resonant frequency of a circular disk microstrip antenna

J. Foshi, A. El Abbassi

Abstract | article | Pages: 33-35


Kinetics of photocatalytic degradation of a cationic dye under UV and sunlight irradiation

B. Mounir, A. Farchi, A. Mousrij

Abstract | article | Pages: 36-44


Trapping population inside a potential well by using laser field

G. Rahali, A. Makhoute, M. Bakkali

Abstract | article | Pages: 45-49


Mössbauer study of evaporated Fe/Gd multilayers

A. Razouk, M. Sajieddine, E. Agouriane and M. Sahlaoui

Abstract | article | Pages: 50-53


Effect of annealing in evaporated Fe/Tb multilayer: 57Fe Mössbauer spectrometry

M. Sajieddine, E. Agouriane, M. Sahlaoui, Ph. Bauer

Abstract | article | Pages: 54-57


Study and characterization of a fast neutron dosimeter based on PADC

A. Belafrites, S. Higueret, A. Nourreddine

Abstract | article | Pages: 58-63


Mechanical characterization of earth stabilised mortar, determination of the technico-economic optimum

M. Cherraj, K.Gueraoui, H. Bouabid, S.Charrif D’Ouazzane, R Bouabid, A Hammoumi, O Fassi-Fehri  

Abstract | article | Pages: 64-70


Microstructure of deformed, recrystallized and aged Pb-Ca-Sn alloy

M. Safi, M.R. Berrahmoune, B. Allili, D. Bradai

Abstract | article | Pages: 71-76


Numerical simulation of unsteady flows of melt polymers in conical ducts

M. Taibi, K. Gueraoui, S.Chtioui, A. Echchelh, Y. M. Haddad, M. Kerroum, G. Zeggwagh

Abstract | article | Pages: 77-83


The refractive index investigation of ion implanted KNbO3 waveguides

I. Benaïssa,  A. Belaidi, S. Hiadsi

Abstract | article | Pages: 84-88


Dielectric response of carbon black - resin epoxy nanocomposites

A. Droussi, A. Mdarhri, M. E. Achour, F. Carmona, A. Oueriagli, F. Lahjomri

Abstract | article | Pages: 89-94


Induced force between colloids immersed in ternary polymer solutions

M. El Yaznasni, H. Ridouane, E.-K. Hachem, M. Benhamou, N. Chafi, M. Benelmostafa

Abstract | article | Pages: 95-99


Structure and thermodynamics of colloids clothed by end-grafted polymer chains in high-molecular-weight solvent

M. Yassine, M. Benzouine, M. Benhamou

Abstract | article | Pages: 100-105


Contribution to the thermal properties of b-SnS2 sprayed thin films

C. Khélia, T. Ben Nasrallah, M. Amlouk, S. Belgacem, F. Saadallah, N. Yacoubi

Abstract | article | Pages: 106-113


Gravity waves interaction with two layers porous dam

S. Azhar, C. Dardab, J. Brossard, S. Mordane, M. Chagdali

Abstract | article | Pages: 114-119


Valorization of waste products from fishing industry by production of the chitin and chitosan

A. Tolaimate, M. Rhazi, A. Alagui, J. Desbrieres, M. Rinaudo

Abstract | article | Pages: 120-127


Synthesis of 4- and 5-Cyanopyrazoles derivates via retro Diels-Alder reaction

G. Al Houari, A. El Fazazi, B. Filali Baba, M. Filali Baba, M. El Yazidi, B. Bennani, N. Ben Larbi, A. Kerbal

Abstract | article | Pages: 128-132


A study of surface water clarification with a natural substance (aqueous extract of Moringa oleifera Lam): Influence on chlorine requirement

M. L. Bawa, G. Djanéyé-Boundjou, A.G. Soulémane, I. Kpékpassi

Abstract | article | Pages: 133-138


Pollution of the superficial sediment by nine heavy metals: Case of Annaba bay (Algeria – south-western Mediterranean)

N. Ouali, F. Derradji, Y. Bouhedja, C. Kasdarli

Abstract | article | Pages: 139-143

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