Volume 43 – September 2008




Exact analytical formula for Voigt function which results from the convolution of a Gaussian profile and a Lorentzian profile

H. Amamou, A. Bois, M. Grimaldi, R. Redon

Abstract | article | Pages: 1-6


Effect of Fe and / or La on structural and dielectric properties of PbTiO3

L. H. Omari, S. Sayouri, T. Lamcharfi, A. Yacoubi, K. Bouayad, L. Hajji

Abstract | article | Pages: 7-13


Modeling and simulation of secondary electron emission coefficient effects on electrical argon discharge parameters

A.  Bouraiou, M.S. Aida, O. Meglali, A. Mosbah

Abstract | article | Pages: 14-20


A simple beamsteering and power control joint algorithm for mobile communication system

N. Lebedev, M. Diop, J.-F. Diouris

Abstract | article | Pages: 21-25


Rotation invariant and robust shape descriptor for content-based shape retrieval

S. E. Ouatik, A. Elkharraz, H. Silkan, M. Oumsis, A. Lachkar, M. Meknassi

Abstract | article | Pages: 26-33


Electro-optical synthesis of WDM PHASAR: Study the tunability and determination of the command voltage

A.  Sabbar, A. Aboudou, A. Hamdoun

Abstract | article | Pages: 34-44


Adaptation of an electronic device for potentiometric measurements of pH

R. Taouil, H. Benali, M. Taleb, M. Sfaira, Z. Rais, M. Filali Baba

Abstract | article | Pages: 45-51


Experimental observation of magnetic circular dichroism (MCD) signals of silvers clusters embedded in neon matrix in ag3 size range

J. T. Zoueu, K. Konan, M. A. Kouacou, E. Farhi

Abstract | article | Pages: 52-57


Performances of the two strategies of control RFOC and DTFC for induction motor used in electric vehicles

A.  Abbou, A. Elbacha, H. Mahmoudi

Abstract | article | Pages: 58-66


Plasticity effect on the shape memory alloys CuZnAl

A. Alhamany, O. M.  Bensalah, A. Errkik, M. Lotfi, H. El-Omari

Abstract | article | Pages: 67-73


Survey of the thermal transfers in a termite nest: An approach to the conception of a dynamic envelope for bioclimatic building

M. A. Djoman, S. Touré, A. Memelèdje, A. Gbané

Abstract | article | Pages: 74-89


Mixed convection in a trapezoidal cavity heated from below: inclinaison effet

I. Tmartnhad, M. El Alami, M. Najam, A. Oubarra

Abstract | article | Pages: 90-95


The influence of the conditions of calcination on the phase diagram draw of LiPO3-Pb(PO3)2 binary system

O. Ben Youchret Zallez, C. Marhag, H. Said

Abstract | article | Pages: 96-103


Analysis of collectors and depressing adsorption onto barite by means of dielectric measurements

M. Khayar, J. Bessière

Abstract | article | Pages: 104-109


FeCl3 oxidation coupling of terthiophene and it’s bisylilated derivative-spectroscopic study by UV-Visible

A.  Tounsi, M. Hamidi, T. Lakhlifi, M. Bouachrine

Abstract | article | Pages: 110-114


The effect of temperature on the corrosion of steel in 1M HCl in the presence of quinoxaline compound

M. Benabdellah, K. Tebbji, B. Hammouti, R. Touzani, A. Aouniti, A. Dafali, S. El Kadiri

Abstract | article | Pages: 115-120


Influence of addition synthetic surfactants on the rheological properties of argan oil-in-water emulsions

K. Rhattas, N. Hajjaji, T. Jazouli, D. Chebabe, M. C. Sanchez, J. M. Madiedo

Abstract | article | Pages: 121-126


Chemical variability of essential oils tetraclinis articulata (Vahl) from Morocco

M. Bourkhiss, M. Hnach, B. Bourkhiss, M. Ouhssine, A. Chaouch

Abstract | article | Pages: 127-131


Synthesis of 2’,3’-épimino-2’,3’-dideoxypyrimidine a nucleoside derivative into lyxo configuration

B. P. Boyode, R. F. Schinazi, R. Guedj

Abstract | article | Pages: 132-136


Hydro-chemical analysis of the Edough springs using statistical and ANNs approaches, northeast Algeria

H. Majour, A. Hani, K. Khanchoul, L. Djabri

Abstract | article | Pages: 137-143

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