Volume 44 –November 2008




Elaboration and treatment of polycrystalline semiconductor layers of ZnO and SnO2  adsorption and desorption of O2

N. Chahmat, A. Haddad, A. Ain-Souya, R. Ganfoudi, M. Ghers

Abstract | article | Pages: 1-6


A new synthesis Diffuse phase transition and relaxation in PLZT sol gel processes ceramics 

K. Bouayad, N. S. Echatoui, S. Sayouri, T. Lamcharfi, L. Hajji, A. Alimoussa

Abstract | article | Pages: 7-10


A new synthesis method to produce oxalate complexes: Cases of copper and lanthanum oxalates

N. Kadiri, A. Ben Ali, M. Abboudi, E. Moran

Abstract | article | Pages: 11-14


Preparation and characterization of Moroccan clay support for zeolitic membranes

E. Mateo, M. Menéndez, J. Coronas, N. Tijani, H. Ahlafi, L. Messaoudi, A. El Gamouz, M. Ouammou

Abstract | article | Pages: 15-20


Preparation and characterization of inorganic coloured pigments without toxic metals

R. Pastrana-Fábregas, J. Isasi-Marín, F. Fernández-Martinez, R. Sáez-Puche

Abstract | article | Pages: 21-26


Formation of nano size Si-particles from silicon monoxide decomposition

A.  M. Kikuchi, M. Mamiya, M. Hasegawa, H. Takei, T. Atou, K. Fukuoka, S. Ito, M. Mansori, H. Faqir, M. Kawasaki

Abstract | article | Pages: 27-31


Study of Si, Ca, Na, P, O and F based glasses

C. Duée, I. Lebecq, F. Désanglois, C. Follet-Houttemane

Abstract | article | Pages: 31-35


Study of grinding of bioactive glasses

C. Mercier, A. Pardini, M. Descamps, C. Follet-Houttemane

Abstract | article | Pages: 36-39


Chemical durability and thermal in salt free aqueous solutions of sodium molybdophosphate glasses

L. Bih, L. Abbas, H. Bih, M. Amalhay, H. Mossadik, A. Nadiri, A.Yacoubi

Abstract | article | Pages: 40-45


Determination of the porosity and optical parameters of oxidized porous silicon films characterized by ellipsometry

N. Ghellai, Z. Fekih, A. Chiali, M. Boukais, K. Rahmoun, F. Z. Otmani, N. E. Chabane-Sari

Abstract | article | Pages: 46-52


Porosity and Young’s modulus of porous silicon

K. Rahmoun, F.Z. Otmani, C. Mathieu, N.E. Chabane Sari

Abstract | article | Pages: 53-58

Copper and lead-immobilization by porous hydroxyapatite in aqueous solutions

L. El Hammari, A. LaghziziL, A. Saoiabi, P.Barboux, R. Guilard

Abstract | article | Pages: 59-63


Structural, morphological and optical properties of the CuInS2 thin films

R. Brini, F. Chaffar Akkari, M. Kanzari, B. Rezig, J. Werckmann

Abstract | article | Pages: 64-70


Morphological and opto-structural features of the buffer film CdS designed for immediate applications upon the second-generation solar cells

D. Soubane, A. Soubane, H. Soubane, S. Laasri, G. Nouet, A. Ihlal

Abstract | article | Pages: 71-75


Structural refinement and dilatometric properties of Pb0.5Zr2(PO4)3

A.  El Yacoubi, A. Mouline, M. Alami, A. Serghini, R. Brochu

Abstract | article | Pages: 76-79


Natural phosphate efficient and selective catalyst for the oxidative cleavage of cyclic ketones to ketoacids using dioxygen

M. Dakkach, Y. Mahha, A. Atlamsani, S. Sebti

Abstract | article | Pages: 80-84


Spectroscopic properties of Gd3+ activated Ca10F2(PO4)6

M. Tachihante, D. Zambon

Abstract | article | Pages: 85-89


Effect of the local defects on optical proprieties of one-dimensional photonic crystals

J. Zaghdoudi, M. Kanzari

Abstract | article | Pages: 90-95


Structure, dielectric and spectroscopic investigation of (Sr1-x Nax) 0.8(K1-x Lnx) 0.4Nb2O6 with (Ln =Nd, Eu)

M. Zriouil,   A. Lahmar, E. Antic-Fidancev, P. Ashehoug, T. Fukami, B. Elouadi

Abstract | article | Pages: 96-102


Experimental study of chemical deterioration of Chellah monument stones

A.  Samaouali, L. Laanab, Y. Geraud, A. Nounah, M. Boukalouch

Abstract | article | Pages: 103-106


Determination of hydrogen in a chromium coating electrodeposit by a gas chromatography method

M. Rezrazi, H. Addach, P. Berçot, A. Benyaich

Abstract | article | Pages: 107-110


Isomerization of n-Hexane over silica-supported tungstophosphoric acid promoted by the reduced Ce-Ni oxides

B. Ouled Ben Tayeb, M. Amarass, A. Rives, R. Hubaut, M. Fournier

Abstract | article | Pages: 111-114


Structural and optical properties of  SnO2 thin films

S. Haireche,  A. Boumeddiene,  A. Boufelfel

Abstract | article | Pages: 115-122



Catalytic activity of cobalt orthoborate in butan-2-ol conversion

A. Aaddane, M. Kacimi, M. Ziyad

Abstract | article | Pages: 123-126



Pitting corrosion of hydrogenated AISI 304 stainless steel

F. El Hilali, M. Jerome, J. Galland

Abstract | article | Pages: 127-132



Investigation of the ferroelectric phase with the tetragonal tungsten bronze structural type in the ternary system PbNb2O6 - NaNb03 - LaFeO3

M. Bouziane, A. Benabad, J.-C. Niepce, B. Elouadi

Abstract | article | Pages: 133-137

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