Volume 45 – January 2009



WD-XRF and ICP-AES analysis methods and their application to sediments of two Moroccan rivers

(Boufekrane and Oum Er Rbia)

M. Tahri, F. Zahry, M. Bounakhla, F. Benyaïch, E. Bilal, J. Moutte

Abstract | article | Pages: 1-8



Determination of trace- and macro-elements in Moroccan medicinal plants by the ko- neutron activation analysis method

K. Embarch, M. El Mzibri, K. Lalaoui, M. Bounakhla, A. Gaudry, S. Ayrault, M. Moskura, M. Hmamouchi

Abstract | article | Pages: 9-16



Contribution to the Surevey of the Metallic Contamination of Mytilus edulis to the Level of the Mouth of Sebou

M. Bounahkla, Z. Bounakhla, F. Zahry, M. Tahri, M. Zghaid, A. Doukkali, O. Benkirane, N. Saïdi

Abstract | article | Pages: 17-21



Assessment of air pollution in the city of Kenitra

M. Bounakhla, M. Zghaid, F. Zahry, M. Tahri, F. Benyaich, Y. Noack, O. Benkirane, N. Saidi

Abstract | article | Pages: 22-29



Sodium pertechenetate 99mTcO4Na production for nuclear medicine in Nur  Algerian research reactor

R. Larbi, Z. Lamari,  B. Yagoubi

Abstract | article | Pages: 30-33



Application of RNAA to the proportioning of iodine in food salt

T. Akhal, M. Mouzai, Y. Sana, M. Ladjel

Abstract | article | Pages: 34-38



Development and application of the cyclic delayed neutron counting technique at Es-Salam research reactor

S. Khaled, S. Belaid, M. Mouzai, L. Alghem, A. Ararem, B. Zouranen

Abstract | article | Pages: 39-43



Instrumental neutron activation analysis of milk samples using the k0-Standardization method

at Es-Salam research reactor

L. A. Hamidatou, S. Khaled, M. Mouzai, B. Zouranen, A. Ararem, A. Alghem, M. Ramdhane

Abstract | article | Pages: 44-47



Measure of activities and activity ratios of U And Ra radio-isotopes in some natural water samples

In the Western Sahara at the sud of Morocco

O.-K. Hakam, A. Choukri, E. Alibrahmi, H. Bounouira

Abstract | article | Pages: 48-50



Activities of some radionuclides in some water, suspended matter and sediment samples from the Moulouya river area

E. Al Ibrahmi, A. Choukri, O.-K. Hakam, S. Chakiri, J.-L. Reyss

Abstract | article | Pages: 51-55



Distribution study of the rare earth elements in Bouregreg river sediments by Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis

H. Bounouira, A. Choukri, R. Cherkaoui, A. Gaudry, M. Treuil, O.k. Hakam, S.  Chakiri, M. Bounakhla,             

K. Embarch

Abstract | article | Pages: 56-59



Determination of heavy metals in Bouregreg river sediments by Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis

H. Bounouira, A. Choukri, R. Cherkaoui, A. Gaudry, M. Treuil, O.k. Hakam, S.  Chakiri, M. Bounakhla,            

K. Embarch

Abstract | article | Pages: 60-64



Simulation of implanted profiles in ultra thin layer activation (UTLA) by using the Monte Carlo method

O. El Bounagui, H. Erramli

Abstract | article | Pages: 65-70



Dynamic of the fluctuations in PDLC composite materials

Z. Hadjou Belaid, L. Mechernene, F. Abdelmalek , U. Maschke

Abstract | article | Pages: 71-79



Experimental measure and simulation of pollutant emissions from marine diesel engine 

N. Larbi, J. Bessrour

Abstract | article | Pages: 80-90



Study of the performances of a wind conversion system. Application to the site of Adrar

R. Maouedj, S. Bousalem, B. Benyoucef

Abstract | article | Pages: 91-100



Study of the photodegradation of tribenuron-methyl in aqueous Solution of two Moroccan soils

K. Elkhattabi, R. Bchitou, A. Bouhaouss, S. A. Bufo, L. Sc. Bufo, M. Schiavon

Abstract | article | Pages: 101-106



Relationship between antioxidant acidity of several flavonols and their molecular properties

E.H. Anouar, K. Marakchi, N. Komiha, OK. Kabbaj, Z. Dhaouadi, S. Lahmar

Abstract | article | Pages: 107-113



Fluorine adsorption by bone char: determination of valid correlation for mass transfer coefficient calculation

M. Ndong, C. Mar. Diop, E. Ngom , F. Samb, N. Ayessou, O. Sock

Abstract | article | Pages: 114-120



Solvent effect in the preparation of 20% SiO2-TiO2 and 20% NiO-TiO2 mixed oxides by the sol-gel routes. Application in cyclohexane oxidation

D. Lahcene, Y. N. Tchenar, A. Choukchou-Braham, R. Bachir

Abstract | article | Pages: 121-126



Synthesis of New derivatives of principal constituent of pennyroyal oil by cleavage of oxiranes with TiCl4

L. Majidi, Z. Faska, A. Bellioua, H. Abraoui, S. Kharchouf,  R. Fihi, M. Hnach

Abstract | article | Pages: 127-130



An x-ray study of N-(2, 3-dihydroxybenzylidene) 3, 4, 5-trimethoxyaniline an its hydrochloride derivative

C. G. Kodjo, J. Estienne, N. Ziao, J. A. Tenon

Abstract | article | Pages: 131-136



Corrosion and passivation of tinplate in Na2CO3 medium: Effect of pH, Chloride and carbonate ions

M. Belkhaouda, L. Bazzi, R. Salghi, A. Benlhachemi, B. Hammouti, S. El Issami, M. Hilali

Abstract | article | Pages: 137-141


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