Volume 47 – May 2009


Characterization of the South Moroccan atmosphere using sun photometric techniques and satellite measurements

A. Bounhir, Z. Benkhaldoun, E. Siher

Abstract | article | Pages: 1-12


Characterization of Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se2) solar cells

M. Benosman, B. Benyoucef

Abstract | article | Pages: 12-17


Physical and chemical proprieties of CuInS2 thin films deposited on rough substrates

R. Brini, M. Kanzari, B. Rezig

Abstract | article | Pages: 18-25


Characterization of charges in insulators using electron beam excitation

O. Hachicha, A. Kallel, Z. Fakhfakh

Abstract | article | Pages: 26-32


Thermal degradation study and determination of the kinetic parameters of a naturally aged polypropylene

M. Darhouri, M. Rjeb, A. Rjeb, S. Sayouri

Abstract | article | Pages: 33-39


XPS study of natural and artificial ageing of polyethylene

M. Darhouri, D. Sqalli Houssaini, A. Rjeb, M. Rjeb, S. Sayouri, D. Roy, S. Massey, T. Sadoun, F. Laoutid

Abstract | article | Pages: 40-47


 Temperature and pressure effects on transmitted flux and build up factor in cylindrical duct

Z. Faik Ouahab, A. Oubaiddou, J.Ghassoun, A. Jehouani

Abstract | article | Pages: 48-57


Numerical study of heat transfer in phase change material: Application to cooling management of protruding electronic components

M. Faraji, H. El Qarnia

Abstract | article | Pages: 58-67


Asymptotic behavior of a matrix fissure in composite materials with long fibers

Y. Berrehili

Abstract | article | Pages: 68-74


Computer aided diagnosis: Automated detection and enhancement of microcalcifications in digitized mammograms using wavelet decomposition and local gray thresholding

N. Hamdi, K. Auhmani, M. M. Hassani

Abstract | article | Pages: 75-78


Probabilistic model of the intoxications for an adequate decision-making

A. Ezzerrifi Amrani, L. Hlou, A. Soulaymani, A. Mokhtari, R. Soulaymani-Bencheikh

Abstract | article | Pages: 79-83


Characterization of physicochemical proprieties of 32CrMoV13 low alloy steel nitided by plasma

O. Belahssen,  A. Darsouni, A. Chala

Abstract | article | Pages: 84-90


Physical and chemical characterization of metal archaeological artefacts: “Case of Roman coins from Volubilis”

A. Allouch, F. Benyaich, A. Chergui

Abstract | article | Pages: 91-97


Metals contents and organic composition in the leaf of three species of cupressaceaes from the Atlas Mountains, Marrakech (Morocco)

N. Achak , A. Romane, A. Dahbi

Abstract | article | Pages: 98-102


Ethylcyclopentane ring opening reaction over PtGe/Al2O3 catalysts prepared by controlled surface reaction

A. Serge Ello, L. Pirault-Roy, A. Wootsch, Z. Paál

Abstract | article | Pages: 103-109


Catalytic activity test of TiO2, ZrO2 and TiO2-ZrO2 mixed oxides synthesize by a sol-gel method using 3,3-dimethylbut-1-ene as a model reaction

M. Abdennouri, M. Baâlala, A. Galadi, M. Bensitel, M. Elkrati, M. Sadiq

Abstract | article | Pages: 110-114


Chemical composition of fatty acids and sterols from tunicates Cynthia Savignyi, Cynthia Squamulata and from the brown alga Cystoseira Tamariscifolia

S. Maoufoud, A. Abourriche, M. Charrouf, Y. Abboud, T. Ainane, T. Saffaj, H. Morsli, A. Bennamara,                 

C. Francisco

Abstract | article | Pages: 115-119


Comparative study of the characteristics of olive-mill waste water according to the extraction process and storage duration of olives

A. Yaakoubi, A.Chahlaoui, M. Rahmani, M. Ouhssine, A. Chaouch

Abstract | article | Pages: 120-125


Structural, spectral and theoretical analysis of 3,4,5-trimethoxy N-(4-methoxy salicylidene) aniline

C. G. Kodjo, L. B. H. C. Zabri, J. Estienne, J. A. Tenon

Abstract | article | Pages: 126-132


Chemical composition of the essential oil of Artemisia herba alba (Asso) populations

S. Boutkhil, M. El Idrissi, A. Amechrouq, T. Lakhlifi, S. Chakir

Abstract | article | Pages: 133-137


Relationship between roughness and physicochemical properties of glass surface and theoretical adhesion of bacterial cells

J. Bengourram, F. Hamadi,  M. Mabrouki, N. Kouider, M. Zekraoui, M. Ellouali, H. Latrache

Abstract | article | Pages: 138-144


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