Volume 48 – July 2009


Robust decoupling control and extended sliding mode observer for an induction motor

O. Asseu,  Z. Yeo, M. Koffi, X. Lin-Shi, C. T. Haba, G. L. Loum

Abstract | article | Pages: 1-8


Complexity reduction of an equalizer based on Laguerre filters

M. Boulouird, M. M. Hassani

Abstract | article | Pages: 9-17


Reducing the size of UMTS microstrip antennas to integrate them in mobile stations

A. Latif, R. Hilal, A. Ait Ouahman

Abstract | article | Pages: 18-24


Simulation of the sputtering-yield energy in beam-surface irradiation

B. Abidri, F.Z. Benkenfoud, M. Elchikh, S. Hiadsi

Abstract | article | Pages: 25-29


Optical properties of amorphous boron carbonitride thin films deposited by reactive radiofrequency sputtering

A. Essafti, E. Ech-chamikh, M. Azizan,Y. Ijdiyaou

Abstract | article | Pages: 30-35


Two dimensional theoretical and numerical study of the atmospheric pollution problem

I. Aberdane, K. Gueraoui, A. Dhiri, A. Ghouli, M. Taibi, G. Zeggwagh

Abstract | article | Pages: 36-42


Simulations of free surface flows with cross stream variations of the wall roughness

S. Zaouali, A. Soualmia, L. Masbernat

Abstract | article | Pages: 43-50


Obtaining mild steels from a cast iron rich in manganese

L. Snani, M.L. Fares, A. Mebarek

Abstract | article | Pages: 51-54


Study the roasting of the organic matter of phosphate clear of Youssoufia (Morocco)

M. El Ouardi, I. Mrani, M. Anoua, H. Chehouani

Abstract | article | Pages: 55-61


Comparative study of effect of heat treatment and shear on the rheological properties of water gelling based on starches native yam and sweet potato

A. Sako, L.I. Dally, D. Sidibe, E. A. N’Guessan, P. Assamoi, S. Coulibaly

Abstract | article | Pages: 62-71


Transfer of mass on active surfaces, in inert wall, in streaming plane

A. Zouana, C. Philippe,  M. Hounkanlin

Abstract | article | Pages: 72-80


Influence of the heat treatment on the corrosion behaviour of 3003 aluminium alloy in alkaline medium

M. Belkhaouda, L. Bazzi, A. Benlhachemi, R. Salghi, B. Hammouti, A. Ihlal

Abstract | article | Pages: 81-88


Synthesis of glycopolymers  amylose-g- polylactide by grafting « from » method

R. Ouhib, B. Renault, H. Mouaziz, C. Nouvel, E. Dellachérie, J.-L. Six, D. Aïnad-Tabet

Abstract | article | Pages: 89-105


Study by infrared spectroscopy of the physicochemical behaviour of apatitic cement in biological medium

E. Abbaoui, E. Mejdoubi, M. El Gadi, A. Essaddek, L. L. Elansari

Abstract | article | Pages: 106-111


Influence cells segregation on structural hardening mechanisms of lead-cadmium alloys for battery’s grids

E. Saad, E. Hilali, N. Selhaoui, L. Bouirden

Abstract | article | Pages: 112-116


Synthesis of new triheterocyclic systems from 2-methylthio-4-phenyl-3H-1,5-benzodiazepine by the cycloaddition reactions

S. Elhazazi, A. Baouid, M. Essaber, A. Boudina

Abstract | article | Pages: 117-121


Effect of a coupling preoxidation by KMnO4/postchlorination on aquatic humic substances reactivity

S. Achour, S. Guergazi

Abstract | article | Pages: 122-129


Evaluation of metallic contamination in the Annaba gulf (Algerian Northeast)

N. Ouali, Y. Bouhedja, F. Derradji, H. Bendjeffal

Abstract | article | Pages: 130-135


Some studies on the CdS thin films grown by chemical bath deposition (CBD) process

R. Naciri, H. Bihri, A. Rahioui, A. Mzerd, C. Messaoudi, B. Hammouti

Abstract | article | Pages: 136-141



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