Volume 49 September 2009


Design of high isolation frequency mixer in CMOS 0.18m technology suitable for low power radio frequency applications

K. Faitah, A. El Oualkadi, A. Ait Ouahman

Abstract | article | Pages: 1-7


Monte Carlo simulation for the description of light transport in the cerebral zone for a human brain

A. R. Latrous, S. Bouzid

Abstract | article | Pages: 8-15


Morphologic and crystallographic analysis of the micro-bands in carbon steel deformed by deep drawing

A. Boumaiza, Ji.Vincent, N. Rouag

Abstract | article | Pages: 16-20


The effect of aging on microstructure and mechanical properties of microalloyed steel to Nb, V and Titanium

M.Z. Touhami, A. Khettache, A. Darsouni, S. Mechachti, N. E. Beliardouh, N Belkader

Abstract | article | Pages: 21-30


Study of the ions dynamics in an electric discharge by flux corrected transport method F.C.T

L. Aci, M. Lemerini, A.K. Ferouani, F. Boudahri

Abstract | article | Pages: 31-36


Determining the influence behavior gas flow and thermophysical properties a method in the green on the quality of parts castings

T. Benchikha, A. Lemmoui, S. Chabour

Abstract | article | Pages: 37-41


Non destructive ultrasonic testing of bonding quality in tri-layer structures using reflection coefficient spectra

B. Bougaze, H. Rhimini, M. El Ouahdani, M. Sidki, A. Nassim

Abstract | article | Pages: 42-47


Determination of spatial and energetic distributions of neutrons and photons through shields

and the biological dose in tissue

A. Elmorabiti,  A. Jehouani, E. Eddib

Abstract | article | Pages: 48-55


Effects of 10B on shields efficiency and materials heating

A. Elmorabiti, A. Jehouani, B. Barakat

Abstract | article | Pages: 56-64


Experimental and theoretical study of drying kinetic, of diffusion coefficient and density of ayous

M. Simo Tagne, B. Bonoma, M. Machebu Siaka

Abstract | article | Pages: 65-73


Estimation hourly diffuse solar radiation from global solar radiation

A. Rerhrhaye, M. S. El Maliki, M. Zehaf

Abstract | article | Pages: 74-80


Morphological and kinetical aspects of the discontinuous precipitation and coarsening reactions in a supersaturated Cu-Ni-Sn solid solution

F. Hadj-Larbi, N. Beldjoudi , B. Alili, D. Bradai, M. Drir

Abstract | article | Pages: 81-87


The evaluation of the scaling power: The method of controlled degassing

A. Hadfi, M. El Hadek, A. Driouiche

Abstract | article | Pages: 88-92


Crystal lattice distortion of Cd1-xZnxTe ternary alloys generalization to other materials

L. Arab, K. Guergouri

Abstract | article | Pages: 93-98


Nonparabolicity effects on the intersubband transitions probability in GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells

H. Akabli, A. Almaggoussi, A. Abounadi, B. Nacer, K. Zekentes

Abstract | article | Pages: 99-103


Study of the molecular tilt angle in non-ferroelectric PBnA liquid crystal family

K. El Guermai,  K. Elboussiri

Abstract | article | Pages: 104-108


Kinetics of the precipitation in AZ91 alloy through in situ X-ray diffraction

H. Azzeddine, S. Abdessameud, A. Sari, B. Alili, D. Bradai

Abstract | article | Pages: 109-113


Thermal behaviour of the ceramic and pottery of Safi-Morocco

F. Guerraoui, M. Zamama, M. Ibnoussina

Abstract | article | Pages: 114-120


Thermophysical analysis of polysiloxane and nematic liquid crystal mixture

L. Bedjaoui, M. Benmouna, U. Maschke

Abstract | article | Pages: 121-124


Quality assessment of the liquid and atmospheric dismissals of the national society of steel industry in Morocco

M. Cenoui, M. Ebn Touhami, N. Bouimadaghene

Abstract | article | Pages: 125-133


Treatment by electrocoagulation of the effluents of surface treatment industries

M. Ilou, A.Kheribech, Z. Hatim, M. Bakasse

Abstract | article | Pages: 134-138


Contribution to the study of possible relations between the quality of drink water and the frequency and composition of urinary lithiasis in Tadla- Azilal, Moroccan area

M. Touhami, F. Kzaiber, A. Oussama

Abstract | article | Pages: 139-143