Volume 50 – November 2009


Quantitative characterization of atmospheric desert particles by multispectral LIDAR method (UV to IR), by using genetic algorithms

S. Zeghbib, S. Bouzid, A. Chaabi

Abstract | article | Pages: 1-8


Effect of annealing atmosphere on optical, electrical and structural properties of CuGaS2 thin films

F. Smaïli, M. Kanzari

Abstract | article | Pages: 9-13


Effects of punctual defects on the optical properties of the one-dimensional photonic crystals

A. Mouldi, M. Kanzari

Abstract | article | Pages: 14-22


Impact of human bodies on millimetric bands propagation using ray tracing technique 

A. Khafaji, R. Saadane, J. El Abbadi, M. Belkasmi, A. Farchi

Abstract | article | Pages: 23-31


Comparisons of the calculated and experimental results of the ionization coefficients in Ga1-xAlxSb, 0 < x < 0.04

A. Rmou, Y. Elamraoui, E. Skouri

Abstract | article | Pages: 32-36


Phase diagrams of Mayer-Saupe model: A Van Der Waals approach

A. Oukouiss, A. Daanoun

Abstract | article | Pages: 37-45


A modified Soave-Redlich-Kwong equation of state for prediction of Joule-Thomson inversion curve

K. Fnena, A. Bellagi

Abstract | article | Pages: 46-55


Moroccans gold coins analysis (11th - the 14th centuries)

A. Allouch, F. Benyaich, A. Chaaban

Abstract | article | Pages: 56-62


The Neutral dynamics effects on the nitrogen oxides reduction in cold plasma

A. Kaddour, M. Lemerini

Abstract | article | Pages: 63-68


Numerical simulation of turbulent diffusion flames of H2/air

R. Mouangue, M. Obounou

Abstract | article | Pages: 69-78


Natural convection transfer near modern walls by night: Glass and cement parpen in humid tropical region

A. Memeledje, A. Gbané, M. A. Djoman, A. Sako

Abstract | article | Pages: 79-87


Failure stress study in solid wood and in pierced wood of maritime pine and Aleppo pine by application of Weibull model

M. Méité, A. Famiri, A. Yeznasni, M. Chergui, M. EL Ghorba, M. Ziani, B.  Kabouchi

Abstract | article | Pages: 88-93


Assessment of mineral oligo-elements in the leaves of Gnetum Africanum and Gnetum Buchholzianum harvested in the forests of south Cameroon

J. F. Sabouang, R. M. Nemba

Abstract | article | Pages: 94-97


Conductivity of thin polycrystalline of FeSe2 synthesized by various selenization processes

T. Abachi, J. C. Bernède, A. Khelil, N. Hamdadou

Abstract | article | Pages: 98-103


Chemical extraction via bisulphite adducts of carbonyl compounds from essential oils

I.W. Ouédraogo, S. Sassiémiké, Y.L. Bonzi-Coulibaly

Abstract | article | Pages: 104-110


The selective catalytic reduction (SCR) activity measurements under (NO-CO-C3H6-O2) mixture over the Ir/Al2O3 and Ir/TiO2 catalysts

M. Nawdali, J. Toyir, F. Miloua, R. Miloua, H. Toufik, Nacer. E. Elkadri

Abstract | article | Pages: 111-118


Mineralogical and thermo mechanical study of clay materials from Burkina Faso

C. B. Bama, K. Traore, U. Wenmenga, R. Ouedraogo

Abstract | article | Pages: 119-129


Influence of Cr addition on the electrochemical behavior of Ni –base metallic glasses in HCl

S.T. Arab,  K. M. Emran

Abstract | article | Pages: 130-138


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