Volume 51 – January 2010



Single differential cross sections for ionization of I50+ by fast electrons

E. Chahid, K. Laghdas, R.H.G. Reid

Abstract | Pages: 1-10


Wall friction and momentum dispersion in free surface flows with non uniform wall roughness

A. Soualmia, L. Masbernat, A. Kaffel

Abstract | Pages: 11-18


Thermal behavior parameters and determination by means of casting alloys theoretical foundry

D. E. Hamoudi, S. Chabour

Abstract | Pages: 19-23


Zelliges of Al-Mansour Palace (XVIIe century, Meknes, Morocco): technological data

A. Ben Amara, A. Azzou, M. Haddad, M. Schvoerer

Abstract | Pages: 24-28


Kinetic study of silver (Ag) Cementation onto iron in fixed bed Reactor

I. Yahiaoui, F. Aissani-Benissad

Abstract | Pages: 29-37


Valorization of the fly ash from Jorf Lasfar thermal power station in cement: Mechanical and environmental study

S. El Moudni El Alami, M. Monkade

Abstract | Pages: 38-45


Optimization of deposition time and optical constants of CuInSe2 polycrystalline thin films grown

by close-spaced vapour transport without vacuum

K. Konan, J. K. Saraka, P. Gbaha, K. D. Konan, B. Hadjoudja

Abstract | Pages: 46-54


Investigation of the optical gain of compressive-strained quantum well GaInNAs/GaAs structure lasers

A. Aissat, S. Nacer, M. Bensebti, J.P. Vilcot

Abstract | Pages: 55-62


A comparative study of the phenomenon of transport in the stationary mode for Gallium nitride and aluminium nitride by the Monte Carlo method

N. Bachir, A. Hamdoune, B. Bouazza, N. E. Chabane-Sari

Abstract | Pages: 63-65


Study of the Adsorption of the Di-(2-Ethylhexyl) Phosphoric Acid on Polymeric Adsorbents. Application in the Extraction of Uranium

H. Guettaf, A. Azzouz, T. Semaoune, F. Iayadene, R. Zaghouane

Abstract | Pages: 66-70


Attaching a device to a computer via a USB connection type. (Example: Circuit for measuring the apparent resistivity of the soil)

A. Benlghazi, E. Chadli, D. Moussaid 

Abstract | Pages: 71-78


Influence of the temperature and water content on the density and porosity of tropical woods: Ayous, baobab, sapelli, lotofa and padouk

B. Bonoma, M. Simo Tagne, L. Monkam

Abstract | Pages: 79-83


Crystallochemical and magnetic studies of the mixed pyrovanadates ZnxM2-xV2O7  ( 0 £  x  £ 2) ( M = Ni, Cu)

M. Bettach, M. Zahir

Abstract | Pages: 84-87


Evaluation of the physico-chemical and metal water of the river Sénégal, Rosso, Mauritania

E. Ould Mohamedou, A. Lebkiri, E.H. Rifi, M. Pontie, M. Lebkiri, A. Kader Oould M., M.L. Fagel

Abstract | Pages: 88-94


Wastewater treatment by a functionalized calixarene

I. El Ghiouej, E.H. Rifi, A. Lebkiri, S. Ibn Ahmed, S. Marzak, Z. Asfari, R. Bengueddour

Abstract | Pages: 95-100


Novel 1,5-benzodiazepines differently substituted on third position with therapeutic design

H. Jabli, Y. Kandri Rodi, A. Bentama, B.Garrigues, N. Saffon, F. Ouazzani Chahdi

Abstract | Pages: 101-105


Synthesis of benzimidazole derived as surfactants precursors

R. Zniber, A. Mekkak, R. Achour, M. El Ghoul, A. Moussaïf, A. Harrata, S. Franceschi-Messant, E. Perez, I.Rico-Lattes

Abstract | Pages: 106-110


Synthesis and theoretical study of a new conjugated copolymer based on thiophene and phenylene

S. Bouzakraoui, H. Zgou, S.M. Bouzzine, R. Augusta Dasilva, J-P. Lère-Porte, F. Serein-Spirau, K. Alimi,

M. Hamidi, M. Bouachrine

Abstract | Pages: 111-121


Synthesis of the layered double hydroxides starting from salted natural water : sea water

N. Sadik, E. Sabbar, M. Mountadar

Abstract | Pages: 122-127


Fiber value of Algerian broadleaves trees: Oak, white poplar and black poplar. Fiber isolation, delignification kinetics and pulp characteristics

M.K.M. Boukli Hacene

Abstract | Pages: 128-135


Mechanical and physical characteristics of principal Algerian woods

M. Berrichi N. Letreuch Belarouci, A. Haddad

Abstract | Pages: 136-141


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