Volume 52 – March 2010



Above-threshold ionization process in intense and ultrashort Laser Pulses

S. Laulan, S. Barmaki

Abstract | Pages: 1-5


High order harmonic generation in triatomic molecules 

S. Barmaki, S. Laulan

Abstract | Pages: 6-9


Scalability analysis of the protocol hybrid wireless mesh protocol standard IEEE 802.11s

B. Nassereddine, A. Maach, S. Bennani

Abstract | Pages: 10-19


Exploitation of the quality of products manufactured and intermediate states to establish a predictive maintenance

H. Gziri, A.  Mousrij, F.  Riane, E.  Elkihel

Abstract | Pages: 20-27


Development of a methodology of monitoring by Acoustic emission on pre-stressed cables

H. Bensouilah, S. Graini, S. Mechraoui, j. favergeon, s. benmedakhene,  d. d. mekki

Abstract | Pages: 28-35


Solidification sequences and nature of formed phases in nickel rich part of the Ni -Ta binary system

M. Negache, K. Taibi, N. Souami, F. Mernache

Abstract | Pages: 36-42


The effect of incorporating an organic peroxide on the rheological and thermal properties of high density polyethylene

C. Khaloua, A. Douibi, D. Benachour

Abstract | Pages: 43-46


Viscosity measurement of human muscular cells using micromanipulation technique by micropipette

A. Sako

Abstract | Pages: 47-56


Elaboration of new-type materials Langmuir-Blodgett link metal-metal Sn-Fe based porphyrin-cyclamic ligand

M. Fahim, J.M. Barbe, R. Guilard, A. Amechrouq, M. El Amane

Abstract | Pages: 57-61


Synthesis of the novel furanic macrocycles

B. Garrigues, Y. Kandri Rodi, H. Gaspard-Iloughmane, M. Fodili

Abstract | Pages: 62-67


Study of wastewater treatment of oil refinery Samir Sidi Kacem (Morocco)

A. Haidar, A. Echchelh, O. Kassou, A. Chaouch

Abstract | Pages: 68-77


Structure and chemical reactivity of glutaconaldehyde acetate ester: Theoretical study

A. Mostefai, A. Rahmouni, Z. Bengharez, S. Taleb

Abstract |Pages: 78-88


Optimization of ions fluorides adsorption of Saharan water by local montmorillonite

A. Ramdani, S. Taleb, A. Benghalem

Abstract | Pages: 89-97


In vitro study of the inhibition of calcium oxalate precipitation by Saharan brackish waters, by conductimetry

H. M. Djellouli, S.  Taleb, A. Benghalem, A. Cheriti,  A. Mesli

Abstract | Pages: 98-106


Electrochemical oxidation of methidathion organophosphorous pesticide

F. Hachami, R. Salghi, M. Errami, L. Bazzi, A. Hormatallah, A. Chakir, B. Hammouti

Abstract | Pages: 107-111


Viscosimetry study, NMR and IR structural characterization of diglycidyl ether of bisphenol and tetraglycidyl diamino aromatic resins

M. El Gouri, A. El Harfi, M. Rafik , S.E. Hegazi, M. Grich, H. Meghraoui

Abstract | Pages: 112-128


Theoretical study of the mechanism of the 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reaction of methyl-3-fluoro-3-trifluoromethyl prop-2-enoate with pyrroline-1-oxide

K. Marakchi, H. Abou El Makarim, O. K. Kabbaj, N. Komiha

Abstract | Pages: 129-137


Heat transfer in thermosetting resins modelling and experimentation

F. Amegrissi, A. El Brouzi, M. Talbi, M. El Kouali, L. Dahbi,  M. Salouhi, S. Yousfi, I. Maghri

Abstract | Pages: 138-142


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