Volume 53 – May 2010




Photovoltaic devices based on Polyaniline as Hole Injection Layer

H. Bejbouji, L. Vignau, G. Wantz, J. L. Miane, T. Olinga, M. Harmouchi, E. M. Oualim, A. Mouhsen

Abstract | Pages: 1-4


Effect of global defect on the optical properties of 2D photonic crystals

K. Ben Abdelaziz, M. Kanzari

Abstract | Pages: 5-9


Modelling in 2D of behavior of a composite material with unstuck fibers

Y. Berrehili, J.J. Marigo

Abstract | Pages: 10-14


Growth stresses study in Eucalyptus camaldulensis trees and their relation with cracks propagation in cutting wood

A.  Maziri, M. El Ghorba, M. Chergui, A. Famiri, M. Ziani, B. Kabouchi

Abstract | Pages: 15-21


Identification of Flow Instabilities and Extrudate Visualization of the High Density Polyethylene

I. Jallouli, T. Kallel, A. Ayadi, F. Halouani

Abstract | Pages: 22-28


Role of tin and zinc on the proprieties of liquid copper

M.S. Hamani, D.E. Hamoudi, A. Hafsaoui

Abstract | Pages: 29-33


Structural and dielectric characterisation of lanthanum-modified lead titanate Pb1-xLaxTi1-x/4O3 with x = 0.14

Y. Guaaybess, M. Moussetad, A. El Mesbahi, S. Sayouri, M. Maanan, R. Adhiri2, L. Hajji, O. Azaroual

Abstract | Pages: 34-38


Study of rippability in limestone quarries-Case of the Hadjar-Soud quarry, Algeria

M.  Boudiaf , R.  Chaib,  K.  Talhi

Abstract | Pages: 39-44


Design and implementation of a PWM command for a single-phase bridge inverter with harmonic elimination

R. El Gouri, L. Hlou, A. Achachi, M. Eleuldj

Abstract | Pages: 45-50


System for measuring the apparent resistivity of the soil

A. Benlghazi, E. Chadli, D. Moussaid

Abstract | Pages: 51-56


Contribution of Multispectral Satellite Imagery to the Bathymetric Analysis of Coastal sea bottom. Application to Algiers bay (Algeria)

F. Houma, N. Bachari, R. Belkessa, A. Abdellaoui

Abstract | Pages: 57-61


Salinity origin of Terminal Complex water in Ouargla region (South east of Algeria)

A. Zeddouri, F. Derradji, S. Hadj-Saïd

Abstract | Pages: 62-69


Modelling of directed crack propagation in borehole blasting

S. Yahyaoui, A. Hafsaoui

Abstract | Pages: 70-78


First and second order modelling of turbulent scalar transport in homogeneous turbulence

H. Ayed, J. Chahed, V. Roig

Abstract | Pages: 79-86


Cyclic voltammetry study of the effect of propargyl alcohol onto iron in NaOH medium

A. Yapi, A.P. Ahoussou, A. Trokourey, B. Kokoh, J.-M Léger, A. Kone, Y. Bokra

Abstract | Pages: 87-93


Application of composites conducting polymers in electromagnetic shielding

M. Belabbaci, F. Boudahri

Abstract | Pages: 94-100


Study of mass spectra of 4,7-disubstituted coumarins : correlation between electronic charges of atoms and fragmentations processes.

L. Cissé, L. Kaboré, A. Saba, A. Tine

Abstract | Pages: 101-107


Drug release study of an herbicide from polymeric microspheres and disks. Calcul of diffusivities

 Z. El Bahri, K. Diaf, J-L. Taverdet, N. Chafi

Abstract | Pages: 108-112


New synthesis of 3,5-diamino-4-phosphopyrazoles

M. M. Tchicama, B. Hajjem, M. Bellassoued

Abstract | Pages: 113-118


High order well balanced scheme for treatment of transcritical flow with topography on adaptive triangular mesh

E. M. Chaabelasri, N. Salhi, I. Elmahi, F. Benkhaldoun

Abstract | Pages: 119-128


A computer model study of fragmentation in open pits and quarries

S. Berdoudi, A. Hafsaoui, K. Talhi

Abstract | Pages: 129-139


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