Volume 54 – July 2010




Moroccan oil characterization using pulse-echo ultrasonic technique

N. Aouzale, A. Chitnalah, H. Jakjoud

Abstract | Pages: 1-8


E-Learning: toward a use of models

M. Khalidi Idrissi, F. Merrouch, B. Nassereddine

Abstract | Pages: 9-16


Non linear modelling of an overall new highvoltage power supply for N=2 magnetronsfor industrial microwave generators

M. Ferfra, M. Chraygane, M. Fadel, M. Ould Ahmedou

Abstract | Pages: 17-30


Contribution to the theoretical study of the phenomenon of the electric conductivity and effects

of the constituents of a conducting polymer composite on the electric behaviour.

F. Boudahri,  K. Kara-Zaïtri, M. Bennekrouf, M. Belabbaci

Abstract | Pages: 31-37


Fast segmentation of color images by 3D compact histogram analysis integrating a fuzzy neighborhood model, and a second approach by color re-quantification

S. Ouattara, J. T. Zoueu

Abstract | Pages: 38-46


Atmospheric particulate matter characterisation in Meknes city

H. Ait Bouh, F. Benyaich, M. Bounakhla, Y. Noack, F. Zahry, M. Tahri

Abstract | Pages: 47-54


Dielectric properties of barium titanate ferroelectric ceramics doped with strontium and cerium                         Ba1-xSrxTi1-yCeyO3

M. Ez-Zejjari, A. El Mesbahi, S. Sayouri, Y. Benjelloun , M.El Aatmani, A. Alimoussa

Abstract | Pages: 55-60


Determination of the diffusion coefficient of water in the tropical woods

J. L. Nsouandélé, B. Bonoma,  M. Simo Tagne, D. Njomo

Abstract | Pages: 61-67


Characterization of the Bouchane phosphate (Morocco) and study of the evolution of the main control elements of its calcination          

M. El Ouardi, L. Saadi, M. Waqif, H. Chehouani, I. Mrani, M. Anoua, A. Noubhani

Abstract | Pages: 68-75


Mathematical Approach in Determining the Degree of Overheating of the Liquid Iron and Technical Parameters Influencing the Running of the Cupola with Hot and Cold Wind

B. Khatemi, A. Lemmoui

Abstract | Pages: 76-80


Measurement of the skeletal muscles cells’ viscosity of a subject suffering from Desmin-Related Myopathy and the effect of dexamethasone

A. Sako

Abstract | Pages: 81-89


Synthesis and structural characterization of Ti1-xZrxC rich nano-composite

C. Slama, A. Teber, M. Abdellaoui

Abstract | Pages: 90-94


Hydrogen absorption properties of LaMg2Ni9 intermetallic compound  used as negative electrode material in Ni-MH batteries

M. Elghali, D. Ghattas, M. Abdellaoui

Abstract | Pages: 95-101


Study of oxygen reduction reaction on carbon-supported bimetallic Pt(1-x)Crx/C electrocatalysts tolerant to methanol in acid electrolyte

R.K. Koffi, A. Trokourey

Abstract | Pages: 102-108


Structural hardening mechanisms of PbCaCdSb alloys

E. Saad, L. Zerrouk, E. Hilali, L. Bouirden

Abstract | Pages: 109-116


Enhancement of phosphogypsum in discoloration treatment of a textile effluent

J. Naja, I. Barouk, R. M’hamdi, A. Kabbabi

Abstract | Pages: 117-121


Influence of purity of phosphoric acid in the synthesis of apatite: Synthesis of deficient hydroxyapatite

M. Achchar, A. Ezzamarty, M. Lakhdar, B. Aellach, A. El Ouassouli, J. Leglise, A. Kabbabi,                       C. Lamonier, E. Payen

Abstract | Pages: 122-125


Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic activity by para-chlorotoluene photooxidation of tin oxide films deposited on pyrex glass substrates

M. Abdennouri, A. Galadi, N. Barka, M. Baâlala, K. Nohair, M. Elkrati, M. Sadiq, M. Bensitel

Abstract | Pages: 126-130


Synthesis of glycosyl-1,2,3-triazolyl-a-aminoesters

I. Marhraoui, D. El Arfaoui, E. M. El Hadrami, A. Ben-Tama, M. El Asri

Abstract | Pages: 131-136


Study of soils consolidation by the Olive Mill Wastewater

M. Tyouri, A. Elbouardi, A. Manal, N. Kellati, H. Ezbakhe, T. Ajzoul

Abstract | Pages: 137-140


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