Volume 55 – September 2010




Characterization of mass transfer due to internal erosion by using a statistical technique

A. Khamlichi, F. Yakhlef, B. Kissi, L. El Bakkali, A. Jabbouri, Ph. Dubujet, H. Wong

Abstract | Pages: 1-4


Resonance of natural convection coupled with radiation in a square cavity heated with a sinusoidal temperature

R. El Ayachi, A. Raji, M. Hasnaoui, A. Abdelbaki, M. Naïmi, A. Bahlaoui, C. Ouardi

Abstract | Pages: 5-9


Numerical study of a gas jet destined to protect metal bath surfaces during refusion

F. Yakhlef, A. Khamlichi, A. Jabbouri, Ph. Bornout

Abstract | Pages: 10-13


Experimental and numerical study of an air jet impacting a heated plane plate

B. Kissi, A. Draoui, L. El Bakkali, F. Candelier

Abstract | Pages: 14-18


Study of thermosolutal transfers by natural double diffusive convection in confined non-Newtonian fluids

T. Makayssi, M. Lamsaadi, M. Naïmi, M. Hasnaoui, A. Raji, A. Bahlaoui

Abstract | Pages: 19-23


Thermodynamic properties of water desorption of marjoram leaves

A. Benhamou, A. Idlimam, B. Benyoucef, M. Kouhila

Abstract | Pages: 24-27


Numerical modeling by the finite volume method of the dispersion of a pollutant ejected by a chimney

in a flow of air inside a channel

L. Slamani, N. Salhi

Abstract | Pages: 28-33


Thermal nondestructive study of defects of pipe form in the roadway

A. Elballouti, S. Belattar, N. Laaidi

Abstract | Pages: 34-37


Analytic solutions for the forced convection flow of Herschel-Bulkley fluid in a circular duct

with variable wall heat flux

R. Khatyr, A. Il Idrissi

Abstract | Pages: 38-42


Natural convection in T-shape cavity: Declination effect

H. Rouijaa, M. El Alami, M. Najam, E.A. Semma

Abstract |Pages: 43-47


Numerical study of melting/solidification by an hHybrid lLattice method

S. Addakiri, E. Semma, B. Pateyron , M. El Ganaoui, K. Choukairy, B. Nassereddine

Abstract | Pages: 48-52


Numerical study of natural convection in a semi-porous cavity with hydrodynamic anisotropy

El A. Semma, A. Cheddadi, A. Campo, H. Ridouane

Abstract | Pages: 53-56


Thermosolutal natural convection in a porous cavity heated and salted from below: comparison

between two and three dimensional models

A. Khadiri, R. Bennacer, M. Hasnaoui, A. Amahmid

Abstract | Pages: 57-61


Natural convection in a horizontal channel provided with isothermal blocks: Effect of the blocks’ spacing

M. Bakkas, M. Hasnaoui, A. Amahmid

Abstract | Pages: 62-68


Modeling of the hydrodynamic lift cold water in a dynamic ecosystem

M.L. Bouamrani, S. Mordane, B. Ajjemami, O. Gourchane, M. Chagdali

Abstract | Pages: 69-73


Three-dimensional modelling of tidal currents and wave coupling in coastal area of Casablanca-Mohammedia

L. Mouakkir, H. Smaoui, S. Mordane, M. Chagdali

Abstract | Pages: 74-80


1D vertical numerical model for suspended sediment in wave-current interaction: Application to Casablanca-Mohammadia coastal zone

L. Mouakkir,  H. Smaoui, S. Mordane, M. Chagdali

Abstract | Pages: 81-88


Thermophysical characterization of the cork material

N. kellati, A. EL Bouardi, T. ajzoul, M. Tyouri, H. Ezbakhe

Abstract | Pages: 89-94


Ways for splitting a laterally heated and cooled square cavity and their implications on free convection strength

A. Campo, E.H. Ridouane, E.A. Semma,  J.Y. Chang

Abstract | Pages: 95-98


Mixed convection in a square cavity heated from below and submitted to vertical fresh air jet

A. Meskini, M. Najam, A. Khourchafi, M. El Alami, M. Farrah

Abstract | Pages: 99-102


Thermosolutal natural convection combined with Soret effect within a vertical porous enclosure

in a boundary layer regime

M. Er-Raki, M. Hasnaoui, A. Amahmid, M. Bourich, M. El Ganaoui

Abstract | Pages: 103-106


Effect of the thickness of an air layer on the coupled heat transfers through a honeycomb structure

M. Boukendil, A. Abdelbaki, Z. Zrikem

Abstract | Pages: 107-110


Numerical study on water wave with concentrated vortex

G. Mangoub, S. Mordane, C. Dardab,  M. Chagdali

Abstract | Pages: 111-117


Aging effect on the mechanical proprieties of Al7SiMg alloy

M. Bournane

Abstract | Pages: 118-122


X-ray scattering study of Cu-Ni solid solutions

M. Bournane, Y. Sadaoui, A. F. Sirenko

Abstract | Pages: 123-127


Application of the assumption of A. Achenbach for determining the optimum height of the cupola with coke and a row of nozzles

B. Khatemi, W. Longa, A. Lemmoui

Abstract | Pages: 128-132


Modelling of Lamb waves in plates. Application to the study of the interaction of S0 and A0 modes with a rectangular defect

M. El Allami, H. Rhimini, A. Nassim, N. Taifi, M. Sidki

Abstract | Pages: 133-141


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