Volume 56 – November 2010


Effect of Ga content on the properties of quaternary CuFe1-xGaxS2 thin films

J.C. Bernède, L. Barkat, A. Khelil, N. Hamdadou

Abstract | Pages: 1-7


Characterization of CuIn1-xGaxS2 thin films grown under thermal gradient by vacuum thermal evaporation method

F. Smaïli, M. Kanzari

Abstract | Pages: 8-14


The strain-induced magnetic anisotropy of Ni/(Au, Ag, Cu)) multilayers

H. Salhi, K. Chafai, H. Lassri, R. Krishnan

Abstract | Pages: 15-18


Modelling of contacts erosion under the effect of electrical arc for ac low voltage switches

L.  Chaâbane, H. Fattoum, M. Sassi

Abstract | Pages: 19-25


A new technique for the improvement of the dielectric measurements using the statistical control chart method

N. Hadik, A. Malaoui, A. Outzourhit, M. Ankrim, A. Elmansouri,  E. L. Ameziane, K. Quotb

Abstract | Pages: 26-31


Characterization and modelling of the dielectric behaviour of Ba1-xSrxTiO3 (x=0.15, 0.25, 0.3 and 0.35) ceramics    

N. Hadik, A. Outzourhit, A. Aoujgal, A. Elmansouri, A. Aboulaoualim, A. Oueriagli, R. Heyd, E. L. Ameziane, A. Tachafine, J.C. Carru

Abstract | Pages: 32-38


Estimation of equivalent circuit parameters of PV module by using a new half analytical five point method

S. Kolsi, M. Ben Amar, H. Samet, A. Ouali

Abstract | Pages: 39-47


Fast encoding for optimization of the fractals techniques for digital image compression

Z. Dya, A. Sahel, A. Badri

Abstract | Pages: 48-57


Quantum tunnelling of a high spin in single-molecule magnets: Spin parity effects

M. A. Falloul, M. El Hafidi

Abstract | Pages: 58-67


Numerical simulation of pollutant transport in shallow water flows: Application to Nador lagoon

S. Daoudi, I. Elmahi, F. Benkhaldoun, M. Zenasni

Abstract | Pages: 68-75


Determination of recombination parameters in the base of a bifacial silicon solar cell under constant multispectral Light

F. I. Barro, A. Seidou Maiga, A. Wereme, G. Sissoko

Abstract | Pages: 76-84


Experimental and theoretical study of drying kinetic, diffusion coefficient and density of Cameroonian ebony

 M. Simo Tagne, B. Bonoma, J.L. Nsouandélé, D. Njomo, B. Ndjidda

Abstract | Pages: 85-91


Estimation of pyrogenic emissions from vegetation (savanna and forest) fires in Côte d’Ivoire over West Africa

J. K. Kouamé, F.-X. D. B. Bouo, Y. Tchétché, P. Assamoi, S. Cautenet

Abstract | Pages: 92-101


Design and implementation of sensors network for automatic greenhouse control

A. Khati, M. Fezari, M. S. Boumaza

Abstract | Pages: 102-106


Phosphate oxidation on boron doped diamond electrode

L. Hliwa, L.M. Ghallabi, M. Azzi, N. Saib, S. Maximovitch, F. Dalard

Abstract | Pages: 107-116


Thermodynamic, dynamic and structural properties of methane-nitrogen mixture. A molecular dynamics simulation study

F. Mesli, R. Mahboub

Abstract | Pages: 117-127


Fireproofing amelioration of epoxy resin material by way a reactive flame retardant based on cyclophosphazene

M. El Gouri, A. El Bachiri , S.E. Hegazi, M. Rafik, A. El Harfi

Abstract | Pages: 128-137


Synthesis of p-menthan-3-ol and p-menth-4(8)-en-3-ol derivatives via condensation of saturated Grignard reagents with Menthone and Pulegone : Effect of alkyl magnesium halide structure on reaction condensation

Z. Faska, L. Majidi, M. Znini, R. Fihi, J. Paolini, J. Costa

Abstract | Pages: 138-141


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