Volume 57 – January 2011


Intense laser-induced molecular processes: From imaging to control

M. Peters, T. T. Nguyen-Dang, O. Atabek

Abstract | Pages: 1-12


Heated plate temperature measurement by optical mirage effect

S. Rachafi, S.  Darfi, S.  Cherkani hassani, H.  Makroum, K.  Oulad Bessam, A. Chentouf, K.  Nassim, P.  Defrance

Abstract | Pages: 13-21


Simulation of gas solid interaction kinetics in La2O3-H2O-CO2 system

B. Bakiz, M. Arab, L. Bourja, F. Guinneton, A. Benlhachemi, J.-R. Gavarri

Abstract | Pages: 22-29


Physical properties and structure of cadmium-vanadophosphate glasses

N. Kerkouri, M. Et-tabirou, A. Chahine, A. Mazzah, M.C. Dhamelincourt

Abstract | Pages: 30-37


Discrimination study of the criteria for craze initiation: rigid PVC (unplasticized)

C. Bopda Fokam, M. Chergui,  M. El Ghorba, K. Mansouri, M. Mazouzi

Abstract | Pages: 38-43


The characterization of scaling power of irrigation water of the agricultural region in large Agadir

A. Hadfi, H. Eddaoudi, M. El Hadek, A. Ghorbel, A. Driouiche

Abstract | Pages: 44-50


Numerical simulation of the convective artificial drying of tropical woods. Case of: Sipo; Sapelli; Azobe; Iroko; Ebene

J. L. Nsouandélé, B. Bonoma, D. Njomo

Abstract | Pages: 51-57


Natural convection in a cylindrical annular fluid space. Analytical solution obtained from a symbolic code

M. El Jair, K. Chennaf, A. Cheddadi

Abstract | Pages: 58-61


Spectral numerical simulation of the transitions governed by Navier-Stokes equations fluid flows with infinite Prandtl numbers

E. El Guarmah, A. Cheddadi

Abstract | Pages: 62-66


Formulation and resolution of the problem of identification of illegal groundwater pumping: One-dimensional case

M. Saffi, A. Cheddadi

Abstract | Pages: 67-70


Thermosolutal convection in cylindrical annular geometry – Preliminary numerical results

B. Cheddadi, R. Aboulaich, A. Cheddadi

Abstract | Pages: 71-75


Natural convection flow regimes in an annular space provided with fins - Transition diagram

Y. Taher, A. Cheddadi, M. T. Ouazzani

Abstract | Pages: 76-80


Investigation of the effect of the pulling on thermal transfer in a vertical Bridgman cavity

K. Achoubir, A. Cheddadi, E. Semma

Abstract | Pages: 81-84


Improvement of a flow tracking method applied to resin transfer moulding simulation

A. Saad, A. Echchelh, M. Hattabi, M. El Ganaoui

Abstract | Pages: 85-94


Contribution to the maintenance activities optimization with an approximate solution to the problem of scheduling flow-shop

A.  Aboussalim, M.  Mediouni

Abstract | Pages: 95-101


Optimization of an electronic signal processing scheme of a sensor with a parabolic transfer function

K. Benhida, M. M. Hassani

Abstract | Pages: 102-106


A direct-current method for measuring ion-exchange membrane resistivity

S. Nouri, L. Chaabane, L. Dammak

Abstract | Pages: 107-116


Photochemically-induced fluorescence determination of etofenprox in natural waters by using Micellar media

R. Adamou, A. Coly, A. Abdoulaye, M. Soumaila, I. Moussa, K. Ikhiri, A. Tine

Abstract | Pages: 117-123


Selective chemical synthesis of organic polymers. FeCl3 oxidation of silyl-conjugated momomers

M. Bouachrine, A. Tounsi, M. Hamidi, J-P. Lere-Porte, T. Lakhlifi

Abstract | Pages: 124-127


Effects of phosphoric acid, cadmium and chromium on the growth of Argan trees

F. Mohammed, R. Bchitou, N. Nachid, A. Bouhaouss

Abstract | Pages: 128-134


Metrological data of some air pollutants in a town in north-eastern Algeria for use in epidemiological studies: case of respiratory

D. Fadel, A. Laïfa, R. Djamaï, M. K. Kholladi

Abstract | Pages: 135-140




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