Volume 58 – March 2011


Comparative study of adsorption of methylene blue in two natural materials

H. Ouasif, S. Yousfi, M. L. Bouamrani, M. Talbi T. Aïnane, M. El Kouali

Abstract | Pages: 1-5


Equilibrium and kenitics of adsorpion of methylene blue on the sand M'zar of the region of Agadir

M. Ez-zahery, R. Aba-Aaki, S. Et-taleb, M. Raji, N. El Alem

Abstract | Pages: 6-11


Comparison of performance of quartz sand and titaniferous sand used in the method of

infiltration percolation of wastewater

R. Aba-aaki, K. Agga, M. Raji, S. Et-taleb, M. Ez-zahery, N. El Alem

Abstract | Pages: 12-16


Bensergao wastewater treatment by adsorption on dried Launea arborescens plant

as an environmentally friendly material

A.  Soudani, M. Chiban, M. Zerbet, F. Sinan

Abstract | Pages: 17-19


Study of Atlantic Seawater Desalination by Reverse Osmosis using a pilot plant

F. El Azhar, N. Zouhri, S. Ait habzize, M. Taky, A. Elmidaoui

Abstract | Pages: 20-24


Spatial and temporal study of the salinization quality of groundwater: case of M’nasra (Morocco)

I. Idrissi Alami, A. Rhidouani, M. Zeraouli, A. Echchelh, M. Addou, S. Ben Ahmed

Abstract | Pages: 25-29


Characterization of equilibrium tautomeric of salicylideneglycine and their complexes

with Cu(II), Ni(II), Zn(II) and Cd(II) BY 1H, 13C ,NMR and infrared spectroscopy

M. EL Amane, R. Naboukh, Y. Kennouche

Abstract | Pages: 30-36


Synthesis and characterization with RX and Infrared of diphosphates Ca2P2O7,2H2O,

Na2CaP2O7,2H2O and composits CaP2O7 (NH3(CH2)nNH3)H2O n=2,3

M. El Amane, M. Fahim

Abstract | Pages: 37-42


Synthesis and characterisation of ligands Salen at long carbon chain salenH2: H2Ln n= 2, 3, 6,8,10

and theirs copper II complexes

M. El Amane, A. Kerbal, H. Bendifi

Abstract | Pages: 43-49


Use of aqueous extract of the roots of Anacyclus pyrethrum (Asteraceae) as an insecticide

S. Khannouchi, M. Alaoui El Belghiti, M. Choukrad, T. Zair

Abstract | Pages: 50-55


Structural and optoelectronic properties of the conjugated oligomer based on carbazole

and 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene A theoretical investigation

Z. El Malki, M. Bouachrine, M. Hamidi, L. Bejjit, M. Haddad

Abstract | Pages: 56-60


Oligothiophenes bridged by silicon groups, DFT study of structural and electronic properties

M. Bouachrine, A. Echchary, S.M. Bouzzine, M. Amine, M. Hamidi, A. Amine, T. Zair

Abstract | Pages: 61-66


Characterisation and adsorption propriety of chitin treated at high temperature

F. Boukhlifi, A. Bencheikh,  H. Ahlafi

Abstract | Pages: 67-72


Natural ageing of stabilised LDPE studied y ATR-IR spectroscopy

M. Hamzah, A. Rjeb, D. Sqalli Houssaini, S. Sayouri, S. Massey

Abstract | Pages: 73-77


Preparation of Lanthanum modified lead titanate thin films by a sol-gel technique on amorphous substrate

B.  Akharkhach, A. Rjeb, S. Sayouri, Y. Hdidou, O. Azaroual, A. Outzourhit

Abstract | Pages: 78-82


Optimization of the conditions of preparation and study of the activation of a carbon obtained from olive cake

k. laoudiyi, A. Mouradi

Abstract | Pages: 83-89


Prediction of toxic levels of heavy metals in sediments from the river Beht physico-chemical parameters

A.  Abdallaoui, H. El Badaoui

Abstract | Pages: 90-97


Pollution impact on Boufekrane river water’s (MeknesMorocco) : Physico-chemical and bacteriological study

C.  Abrid, A. El Hmaidi, A. Abdallaoui, O. Fassi Fihri, A. Essahlaoui

Abstract | Pages: 98-104


Synthesis, characterization, and testing of catalysts derived from Mg-Al-CO3 layered double hydroxides

A.    Amhoud, M. Naciri Bennani, S. Abouarnadasse, M. Mbarki

Abstract | Pages: 105-109


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