Volume 59 – May 2011


Structural transition in TlmBa2Ca n-1CunOm+2n+4

K. El Boussiri, K. El Guermai

Abstract | Pages: 1-6


Comparative study of passivation between Titanium alloy Ti6Al4V and the stainless steel 304L in 3% NaCl medium.

L. Yahia, E. Nouicer, F-Z. Benlahreche, M.H. Khireddine

Abstract | Pages: 7-12


SRNH finite volume scheme with mesh adaptation for shallow water equations and variable topography  

M. Hammouch, M. Boulerhcha, F. Benkhaldoun, I. Elmahi, N. Salhi

Abstract | Pages: 13-21


Development of an algorithm for supervising identification of nonlinear quadratic systems

J. Antari, A. El Khadimi, S. Chabaa, A. Zeroual, S. Safi

Abstract | Pages: 22-27


Dynamic analysis for isolated Arabic words recognition

Z. Hachkar, B. Mounir, A. Farchi, J. Abbadi

Abstract | Pages: 28-33


Design and implementation of a numerical maximum power point tracker for photovoltaic power conversion based on microcontroller

R. El Gouri, A. Hadjoudja, A. Achachi, L. Hlou

Abstract | Pages: 34-42


An approach of natural ventilation study in a rectangular house room: Case of one scale model

A.  Memeledje, A. Fofana, A. Gbané, F. Koffi, M. A. Djoman, H. C. Boisson, S. Touré

Abstract | Pages: 43-56


Physical characterization of the root burl wood of Thuja (Tetraclinis articulata (Vahl) Masters)

M. El Mouridi, T. Laurent, A. Famiri, B. Kabouchi, T. Alméras, G. Calchéra, A. El Abid, M. Ziani, J. Gril, A. Hakam

Abstract | Pages: 57-64


Effect of standing trees girdling on the fissurations propagation and sawing distortions for two eucalyptus species: E. grandis and E. gomphocephala

A.  Famiri,  B. Kabouchi, H. Baillères, A. El Abid, S. El Alami, A. Hakam

Abstract | Pages: 65-72


Stereoselective hydrophosphination of dichloro-acetylene by free primary phosphines and phosphines complexes

A.  Benié, C. G. Kodjo, K. S. Traoré, J.-M. Denis, Y.-A. Békro

Abstract | Pages: 73-81


Toxicological impact of heavy metals in pepper (Capsicum annuum) irrigated by waste water

E.M. Hbaiz, E.M. Ouihman, A. Ouzair, M. Lebkiri, A. Allam, H. Kassaoui, A. Lebkiri, E.H. Rifi, M. Fadli

Abstract | Pages: 82-88


Contribution to the treatment of leachate from two centers of storage of waste, Rabat and Essaouira Morocco, by hydroxyapatite and pulp beets

A.  Allam, A. Lebkiri, E.H. Rifi, E.M. Ouihman, E.M. Hbaiz, M. Lebkiri, S. Marzak

Abstract | Pages: 89-95


Modification of cellulosic materials by carboxylic functions. Use of acrylic acid

A.  Kassale, S. Elbariji, M. Elamine, H. Kabli, M. Bazzaoui, H. El Jazouli, A. Albourine

Abstract | Pages: 96-104


Physicochemical characterization and determination of the conditions of exchange of the duolite (C) 206A: Case of Ca2+ and Mg2+

A.  Hayani, M. Mountadar

Abstract | Pages: 105-111


Physicochemical highlight of purple in the punic clay of Zembra (TUNISIA)

T. Karmous, L. Dammak, N. Ayed

Abstract | Pages: 112-120


Characterization of some trace elements in natural waters of the Bouregreg estuary (Rabat, Morocco) by a chemometric study

N. Zerki, R. Bchitou, A. Bouhaouss

Abstract | Pages: 121-126


Evaluation of the efficacy and the pesticides residues of the products Philabuster 400 SC, Decco OPP 20 and Deccotanil against post-harvest fungi of the orange fruits (Citrus sinensis cv. Washington Sanguine)

M. C. El Bouchtaoui, El. Bazzi, R. Salghi, B. Chebli, A. Hormatallah, L. Afia, B. Hammouti

Abstract | Pages: 127-136


Quantum study of the inhibition of corrosion of steel in H2SO4 0.5 M by thiophene and its derivatives

K. Laarej, H. Harek, M. Bouklah, B. Hammouti, Y. Harek

Abstract | Pages: 137-142



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