Volume 60 – July 2011


Lax-Wendroff Richtmyer finite element and Roe finite volume scheme for steady two-dimensional free–surface flows

M. Mezouari, F. Boushaba, M. Boulerhcha, I. Elmahi

Abstract | Pages: 1-9


Correlated and non correlated radiative heat transfer in real gas: Adaptation of the P1 method to the statistical narrow band models

A.  Khourchafi, M. El Alami, M. Najam, M. Belhaq, A. Draoui

Abstract | Pages: 10-14


Analysis of the scattering far-field of a nondiffracting parabolic beam by a rigid sphere

A.  Belafhal, L. Ezzariy, A. Chafiq, H. Nebdi

Abstract | Pages: 15-21


Mössbauer study of Er(92Å)/Fe(40Å) multilayer under external magnetic field

S. El Khiraoui, E. Agouriane, M. Sajieddine, M. Sahlaoui

Abstract | Pages: 22-26


Analytical calculations for Rosen-Morse and Manning-Rosen oscillators

A.  Belafhal, A. Tmiri

Abstract | Pages: 27-30


Application of the finite differences method (FDTD) for the modeling of SAR in biological tissues

S. Kassimi, S. Bri, M. Habibi, A. Mamouni

Abstract | Pages: 31-40


A Physical model for gate induced drain leakage current in NMOS transistors at low electrical fields

N. Maouhoub, K. Rais

Abstract | Pages: 41-43


Technique to evaluation the input reflection coefficient of infinite arrays of printed dipoles

J. Foshi

Abstract | Pages: 44-46


Study of behavior of the arc of the circuit breaker MT(15kV) from magnetic diagnostics

B.  Hamaidi, A. Haddouche, M. Ouadi

Abstract | Pages: 47-52


Adaptive minimum variance control of separately excited DC motor

Z. Zidane,  M. Ait Lafkih, M. Ramzi

Abstract | Pages: 53-60


Ultrasonic control of fish thawing process, comparison between the acoustic behaviour and thermal state

Y. Ait El Kadi, A. Moudden, B. Faiz, G. Maze, D. Deultot

Abstract | Pages: 61-69


Thermophysical characterization, according to the water content, of sand

L. Boukhattem, A. Bendou

Abstract | Pages: 70-74


Impact of the road traffic and the climatic parameters on the variation of the sulphur dioxide (SO2) contents in the town of MeknesMorocco

H. Ait Bouh, F. Benyaïch, Y. Noack, M. Bounakhla

Abstract | Pages: 75-82


Prebiotics products in human health and the host-microflora equilibrium: The effect of the dialyzable fraction of whey on conventional C3H/He mice

K. Kettani, A. Ettahir, A. Mesfioui, A. Essamri, C. Romond

Abstract | Pages: 83-91


A DFT study of glutaconaldehyde benzoyl ester: Molecular stability, structure and chemical reactivity

A. Mostefai, A. Rahmouni, S. Taleb

Abstract | Pages: 92-104


Utilization of an aqueous fluosilicic acid solution for the production of soda aqueous solution and a mixture of calcium silicate and calcium fluoride

A.  O. Touré, F. M. Sambe, S. Ndiaye, C. Mar Diop, O. Sock

Abstract | Pages: 105-112


Oxidation of polyphenols from olive oil mill wastewater by ferrates (VI) (K3FeMnO8)

A.  Tazi, I. Bouhssine, H. Tabyaoui, B. Tabyaoui, M. Azzi

Abstract | Pages: 113-121


Influence of fruit maturity on water diffusivity during convective drying of mango

A.  O. Dissa, H. Desmorieux, F. Ouattara, P. Degraeve, D. J. Bathiebo, J. Koulidiati

Abstract | Pages: 122-132


Use of Daphnia test for assessing the acute toxicity of effluents from a textile industry in Marrakech (Morocco)

L. Gebrati, L. Loukili idrissi A. Mouabad, A. Nejmeddine

Abstract | Pages: 133-140


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