Volume 61 – September 2011


Electron impact ionization of I(50+) using R-Matrix method

E. Chahid, K. Laghdas, R.H.G. Reid

Abstract | Pages: 1-7


Density of states of the pure evaporated amorphous silicon

R. N. Kre, M. L. Mousse, P. Y. Tchetche, A. Boko, P. A. Thomas

Abstract | Pages: 8-16


Bidimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition BEMD applied to speckle denoising for wavelet phase evaluation

K. Assid, V. Dembele, F. Alaoui, S. Houmairi, M. Sidki, A. Nassim

Abstract | Pages: 17-23


Effects of atmospheric turbulence on the propagation of Li’s flat-topped optical beams

A. Kinani, L. Ez-zariy, A. Chafiq, H. Nebdi, A. Belafhal

Abstract | Pages: 24-33


Propagation of Bessel-modulated Gaussian beams through a misaligned first-order optical system

A. Belafhal, M. Yaalou, S. Hennani

Abstract | Pages: 34-43


Image produced by Bessel-Modulated Gaussian beams propagating through a Fractional Fourier Transform system with two hard-edged apertures

A. Belafhal, M. Yaalou, S. Hennani

Abstract | Pages: 44-51


Propagation of modified Bessel-Gaussian beams through an annular apertured paraxial ABCD optical system

A.A.A. Ebrahim, L. Ez-zariy, A. Belafhal

Abstract | Pages: 52-58


A note on some integrals used in laser field involving the product of Bessel functions

A. Belafhal, S. Hennani

Abstract | Pages: 59-62


Analysis of the recombination at the interface between a metallic precipitate and a semiconductor matrix

A. Djemel, R.J. Tarento

Abstract | Pages: 63-68


Experimental investigations for the measure of linear pressure drop of liquid-solid suspension flow

H. Mzad, M. Elguerri

Abstract | Pages: 69-78


Study of defects exfoliation type on sample of non coated sheet and tinned sheet

A. Kissoum, M. Labaïz, O. Assala

Abstract | Pages: 79-83


Resonance Raman imaging and hierarchical clustering analysis applied to malaria-infected erythrocytes under hydroartemisinin and chloroquine derivatives

 S.G.T. Zan, J.T. Zoueu, A. Bonifacio, V. Sergo

Abstract | Pages: 84-92


Development and properties of organically-modified mesoporous hydroxyapatites using organophosphonate and carboxylate moieties

K. Achelhi, S. Saoiabi, L. El Hammari, A. Laghzizil, K. Lahlil

Abstract | Pages: 93-98


Mössbauer study of amorphous Fe80-xCrxSi8B12 ribbons

S. El Khiraoui, M. Sajieddine, H. Lassri, M. Sahlaoui, E. Agouriane, S.E.H. Drissi

Abstract | Pages: 99-103


Influence of eludril mouthwash on corrosion resistance of 304 stainless steel dental wire

B. Skalli, A. Irhzo, R. Drissi-Daoudi, H. Taimourya

Abstract | Pages: 104-111


Physico-chemical and mineralogical characterization of a Moroccan bentonite (Trebia) and determination of its nature and its chemical structure

A. Er-ramly, A. Ider

Abstract | Pages: 112-119


Epidemiological exploration of urinary stones

C. Tcheka, A. Moubarik, A.  Outzourhit3, M. Mbarki, B.  Loura Benguellah, J. Ketcha Mbadcam, A. Amhoud, O. Abdelaoui, M. Ait Lamqadem, A. Lamiri

Abstract | Pages: 120-127


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