Volume 62 – November 2011


Plasma and material surface investigations in a nitriding process of thin molybdenum films using an expanding (Ar-N2-H2) plasma

S. Touimi, I. Jauberteau, J. L. Jauberteau, S. Weber, A. Bessaudou, A. Passelergue, J. Aubreton

Abstract | Pages: 1-9


Engineering of four dimensional quiver gauge models from F-theory

M. Chabab, L. Medari, E.H. Saidi

Abstract | Pages: 10-18


Study by electron paramagnetic resonance of dosimetric properties of sugar irradiated by photon X18MV beam issued by a linear accelerator Clinac 2100C

N. Ghosne, M. Mikou, A. Fahli, M. Moussetad, M. Bougteb, M. Aboulfatah, F. Kuntz

Abstract | Pages: 19-25


A theoretical study of the scattering of non-diffracting beams by a rigid sphere. X waves and helicoidal beams cases

A. Belafhal, L. Ez-zariy, A. Chafiq, H. Nebdi

Abstract | Pages: 26-35


Propagation of truncated Bessel-modulated Gaussian beams in turbulent atmosphere

A. Belafhal, S. Hennani, L. Ez-zariy, A. Chafiq, M. Khouilid

Abstract | Pages: 36-43


Modelling the electrical conductivity of two thin coaxial metallic wires

L. El Abdellaoui, M. Maahoud, H. Tijani, A. Roussey Tosser

Abstract | Pages: 44-49


Study of dust characteristics in a magnetized plasma sheath over a wide range of collisionality

I. Driouch, H. Chatei, M. Elkaouini, M. El Boujaddaini, M. Elhammouti

Abstract | Pages: 50-58


Detached Eddy Simulation of the generation of tumbling flow

M. Mahdaoui, A. Ait Msaad,  M. Mouqallid, E. Affad

Abstract | Pages: 59-65


Numerical simulations of shallow water flows with presence of recirculations

I. Al Korachi, N. Salhi, M. Boulerhcha, M. Benelmostafa

Abstract | Pages: 66-74


Modelling and experimental study of urban waste water sludge solar drying in a greenhouse 

H. Amadou, C. Beck, R. Mose, J.-B. Poulet, A.-G. Sadowski

Abstract | Pages: 75-87


Reduced mechanism generated with PCAF and validation for premixed methane flames

A. Ait Msaad, A. Belcadi, M. Mahdaoui, E. Affad, M. Mouqallid

Abstract | Pages: 88-96


Modelling of the management of scorpion sting

I. Rhazi, A. Soulaymani, L. Hlou, A. Mokhtari, R. Hmimou, A. Khattabi, R. Soulaymani Bencheikh

Abstract | Pages: 97-110


Corrosion effect of some food extracts and food additives on aluminum alloy recycled in craft industry

T. Ramdé*, B. Guel, L. Bonou, J.B. Legma

Abstract | Pages: 111-121


Physicochemical and mineralogical characterization of Moroccan clay (Safi brown clay) and its use in ceramic technology

A. Er-ramly, A. Ider

Abstract | Pages: 122-129


Ferrocene reference electrode in concentrated HNO3 solutions

A. Benayada, B. Hammouti, H. Oudda

Abstract | Pages: 130-133


Development GC-MS method determination of organochlorid pesticides in olive oil

H. Garoiaz, M. Berrabah, A. Elidrissi, B. Hammouti

Abstract | Pages: 134-137


Cyclization of ene-ynes by metathesis action of a catalyst cationic PtCl2

M. Fahim, A. Amechrouq, J. L.  Marco-Contelles, M. Chioua

Abstract | Pages: 138-141



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