Volume 63 January 2012


Enhancement of the abrasive wear resistance of gray cast iron by ferritic nitrocarburizing process

M.Z. Touhami, S. Tlili, A. Khettache, Y. Khelfaoui, A. Hadji

Abstract | Pages: 1-8


Numerical model for low impact velocities on pipes (PVC) / hemispherical sphere for the study of residual strength of the pipe

K. Mansouri, C. Bopda Fokam,  M. Chergui,  M. El. Ghorba

Abstract | Pages: 9-15


Effect of the austenite hot deformation on the transformation microstructural mechanics parameters of microalloyed steel with Nb-Ti-V

D. Berdjane, Pr M. L. Fares, G. Goldhahn

Abstract | Pages: 16-22


Modelling of the evolution of rubbing has interface tool-chip

H. El Moussami, L. Ezzine

Abstract | Pages: 23-32


Modeling drug poisoning by their active principle

A. Ezzerrifi Amrani, L. Hlou, A. Soulaymani, A. Mokhtari, R. Soulaymani-Bencheikh  

Abstract | Pages: 33-43


Integrated system of telecommunication for the automation of monitoring based on GIS. Application to a road network

S. El Houssaini, A. Badri

Abstract | Pages: 44-53


Modeling and numerical solutions of industrial drying of the Iroko (clorophora exelsa) and Doussie (afzelia SPP)

L. Monkam, B. Bonoma, D. Njomo

Abstract | Pages: 54-60


Transport of pollutants in the Nador lagoon (Morocco) by the finite volume method with SRNH scheme

M. Mezouari, M. Boulerhcha, I. Elmahi, Z. Irzi

Abstract | Pages: 61-72


Bark stripping effect of cork oak (Quercus Suber L.) detected using moisture content measurements of leaves

A. Hakam, M. Magne Takam, M. Chokairi, A. El Alami, Z. Hamoutahra, N. Alami, A. Famiri,  M. Ziani, F. Ghailane, B. Mohamadou

Abstract | Pages: 73-77


Propagation of modified Bessel-modulated Gaussian beams with quadratic radial dependence

S. Hennani, H. Nebdi, A. Belafhal

Abstract | Pages: 78-84


High performance gadolinium doped ceria based IT-SOFC electrolytes

M. El Himri, A. El Himri, P. Nez

Abstract | Pages: 85-89


Synthesis and characterization by RX, IR the diphosphate Na2MgP2O7,2H2O and composites MgP2O7(NH3(CH2)nNH3),H2O n=2,3

M. El Amane, M. N. Bennani, S. M. Bouzine

Abstract | Pages: 90-95


Study of the removal of phenolic compounds from olive mill waste waters by Moroccan natural clay

H. Mghafri, A. Ouassini, S. Jedd

Abstract | Pages: 96-104


The ink binders of manuscripts on parchment of the medieval time (IXth - XIth century) of Kairouan (Tunisia)

T. Karmous, N. Ayed, J. Sansoulet, J. Bleton

Abstract | Pages: 105-115


Contribution to the preparation and physico-chemical characterization of lead-based perovskite Pb (Fe1/2Nb1/2) O3

M. Zouhairi, El. El ghadraoui, H. Bali, T. Lamcharfi

Abstract | Pages: 116-121


Chemical Composition of the essential oils of three species of wild thyme from Morocco: Thymus riatarum Humbert et Maire Thymus leptobotrys Murb et Thymus munbyanus Boiss. et Reuter subsp. ciliatus (Desf.) Greuter et Burdet

S. Belmalha, M. El Idrissi, G. Echchgadda, A. Amechrouq, S. Bachir

Abstract | Pages: 122-128