Volume 64 March 2012


Synthesis of novel heavy metal oxy-sulfide glass system

Khair-u-Nisa, M. A. Chaudhry

Abstract | Pages: 1-5


Study of the dielectric behaviour of PLFT ceramics

L. H. Omari, S. Sayouri, T. Lamcherfi, L. Hajji

Abstract | Pages: 6-11


Multivariable adaptive generalized predictive control of a flexible arm

M. Ezzaraa, M. Ait Lafkih, M. Ramzi

Abstract | Pages: 12-19


UWB short range radar for road applications

L. Sakkila, C. Tatkeu, A. Rivenq, Y. El Hillali, J-M. Rouvaen

Abstract | Pages: 20-29


Comparison of activities of 226Ra and 228Ra in tap and spring water from some areas of Morocco and Cameroon

R. Marie Lydie, O.K. Hakam,  A. Choukri

Abstract | Pages: 30-34


Propagation property of Modified Bessel-modulated Gaussian beams with quadratic radial dependence

in a misaligned optical system

S. Hennani, H. Nebdi, A. Belafhal

Abstract | Pages: 35-41


Mathieu-Gauss beam and its propagation

L. Ez-zariy, H. Nebdi, A. Chafiq, A. Belafhal

Abstract | Pages: 42-52


Dielectric behaviour of Aleppo Pine, Holm Oak and Thuja Burl woods in microwaves range  (0.13 to 20 GHz)

S. El Alami, A. Hakam, M. Ziani, N. Alami Chantoufi, Z. Hamoutahra, A. Famiri, B. Kabouchi

Abstract | Pages: 53-58


Extension of the ionic strength range application of Legrand and Poirier model

M. A. Ben Farh, Ch. Hannachi, B. Hamrouni

Abstract | Pages: 59-68


Comparative study of the adsorption of phenol on Al13 and on the bentonite from Mostaghanem Algeria

Z. Marsa, N. Ramdane, B. Maghzili, M. Rogalski, C. Bouchelta, M.S. Medjram,  M. Soltane

Abstract | Pages: 69-75


Removal of Cr(VI) and Pb(II) from aqueous solution by activated sawdust

K. Elmerzouki, A. Khalidi, R. Abdelhedi, I. Bimaghra, P. Taxil, B. Lafage, A. Savall

Abstract | Pages: 76-86


Quasi ternary system H3PO4Ca(OH)2H2O: Isotherms 30 and 60 C

K. Labgairi, A. Jourani, M. Kaddami

Abstract | Pages: 87-94


Adsorption and corrosion inhibitive properties of some tripodal pyrazolic compounds on mild steel in hydrochloric acid systems

H. Bendaha, A. Zarrouk, A. Aouniti, B. Hammouti, S. El Kadiri, R. Salghi, R. Touzani

Abstract | Pages: 95-103


The inhibition of corrosion of mild steel in hydrochloric acid solution in the presence of phosphite crystal

L. Herrag, A. Chetouani, B. Hammouti, A. Aouniti, B. El Bali, M. Lachkar

Abstract | Pages: 104-111


Phytobac, a practical tool management of pesticides wastes

A. Hormatallah, Lh. Bazzi,  R. Salghi,  A. Zarrouk, H. Zarrok,  B. Hammouti

Abstract | Pages: 112-119


The use of the birth and death processes at the mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis as an indicator of El Jadida ecosystem health (Morocco)

M. Merzouki, J. Sif

Abstract | Pages: 120-130