Volume 65 – May 2012


Resonant laser assisted excitation in electron-helium collisions

A.  Makhoute, H. Agueny, S. Chqondi

Abstract | Pages: 1-8


Generalization of the transformation of Flat-Topped Mathieu-Gauss beams by paraxial optical systems

L. Ez-zariy, B. Zouhal, H. Nebdi, A. Belafhal

Abstract | Pages: 9-17


Magnetic properties of Ni81Fe19/W90Ti10 multilayer films

Z. Yamkane, H. Lassri, M. Lassri, M. Abid, A. Menai, E. Baggio-Saitovitch

Abstract | Pages: 18-21


Electronic component cooling by mixed convection: Block size effects

Y. Abid, A. Meskini, M. Najam, M. El Alami

Abstract | Pages: 22-28


CharacteriSation of rectangular microstrip antenna, with a dielectric substrate of finite dimension, by the method of moments

J. Foshi

Abstract | Pages: 29-33


Morse oscillator line intensities in vibration-rotation bands for molecular bond modes

A. Belafhal, A. El Moutassim

Abstract | Pages: 34-42


Vibrational spectra of the acetylene-like molecules by using the potential energy surface of Strey and Mills

A. Belafhal, A. Nauts, X. Chapuisat

Abstract | Pages: 43-49


Theoretical examination of the complexation of uracil and its homologous with Hg (II) and Zn (II) by the quantum method Austin Model One (AM1)

H. Chafai, A. Kassale, N. Mounir, H. El Jazouli, M. Bazzaoui, A. Albourine

Abstract | Pages: 50-57


Physico-chemical and mineralogical characterization of a Moroccan bentonite (ibourhardaine) and determination of its nature and its chemical structure

A. Er-ramly, A. Ider

Abstract | Pages: 58-65


Decline of ion-exchange membranes after utilization in electrodialysis for food applications

R. Ghalloussi, W. Garcia-Vasquez, L. Chaabane, L. Dammak, C. Larchet, N. Bellakhal

Abstract | Pages: 66-72


Contribution to the optimization of a formulation based on the polyethylene for degradable plastic films

by using the design of experiments technique

N. Saouaf, M. Nohair, D. Zakarya

Abstract | Pages: 73-80


Structural studies of Na2O–ZnO–Bi2O3–P2O5 system glasses investigated by DSC and FTIR spectroscopy

S. Zaroual, M. Ztya,  N. Dridi, A. Chahine, EL. H. Arbib

Abstract | Pages: 81-86


Theoretical study of structural and thermochemical proprieties of straight-chain polyethers CH3O(CH2CH2O)nCH3(n=1,4) in aqueous and carbon tetrachloride solutions

B. Ariche, A. Rahmouni, F. Yahya Cherif

Abstract | Pages: 87-94


Estimation the landscaped groupings peripheral in a motorway section in the eastern Algeria by a mathematical method

D.  Fadel, A. Laïfa, R. Djamaï, N. Hadjoudja

Abstract | Pages: 95-100


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