Volume 66 - October 2012


Retention capacity of soils and amended soils for heavy metal ions

Syed Abu Sayeed Mohammed

Abstract | Pages: 1-16


Structural, optical and electrical study of titanium oxide thin films obtained by anodization of the Ti-Cu (2 %) alloy in phosphoric acid

M. Khadiri, M. Elyaagoubi, A. Benyaïch, A. Outzourhit

Abstract | Pages: 17-25


Influence cells segregation on structural hardening mechanisms of PbCaCdAg alloys for battery’s grids

E. Saad, A. Balhamri, Az. Mouhsen, M. Harmouchi, E.M. Oualim

Abstract | Pages: 26-33


Characterization of variation of thermophysical properties of soil with moisture: Silty soil samples from Agadir region in Morocco

L. Boukhattem, H. Hamdi

Abstract | Pages: 34-39


Study by percolation clusters of the glass transition of propylene carbonate-methylbenzene mixtures

R. Boudira, N. Lotfi

Abstract | Pages: 40-47


Application for wale model in numerical simulations of shallow water turbulent flows

I. Al Korachi, M. Benelmostafa, N. Salhi, M. Boulerhcha, J.D. Chaabane

Abstract | Pages: 49-55


Study of Latent Accumulator Storage by Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) and External Heat Source (EHS)

B. Abouelkhayrat, J. Lahjomri, A. Oubarra

Abstract | Pages: 56-68


Wavelet image processing: Application to the direct detection and dimensionality

M. Bailich, B. Bellach, M. Rahmoun

Abstract | Pages: 69-74


Propagation of flat-toped Mathieu-Gauss beams and their derived beams through a misaligned optical system

L. Ez-zariy, H. Nebdi, A. Belafhal

Abstract | Pages: 75-83


The effect of thermal and mechanical treatment on the microstructure of bioceramics prepared by compaction of the hydroxyapatite powder

F. Abida, Z. Hatim, A. Kheribech, M. Elassfouri, B. Elouatli, M. Jamil

Abstract | Pages: 84-89


Pretreatment of industrial phosphoric acid by dolomitic sediment: Optimization using design of experiments

Y. Bounou, D. Zakaria, K. Ibno Namr

Abstract | Pages: 90-99


Physicochemical and mineralogical characterization of Grey Clay resulting from the transformation of brown Clay of Safi treated with (HCL) and its use in ceramic

A. Er-ramly, A. Ider

Abstract | Pages: 100-106


Heterolytic rupture of chemical bonds P-P in  gas phase of the type (NH2)3P-P(X)2 ( X=CN, CHO and NO2)

H.  Bourzi, M.  Hilali, N.  Azrour, L.  Bazzi, S.  El Issami, D.  Peeters

Abstract | Pages: 107-119


Characterization of an antimicrobial product from Pseudomonas putida, associated with the mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis

H. Aassila, M. Guyot, A. Fassouane

Abstract | Pages: 120-122


Geochemistry of the upper cretaceous of Tarfaya-Boujdour basin (Morocco)

Y. Elbatal, M. Aadjour, N. Saber, R. Elabibi, M. Nahim

Abstract | Pages: 123-132


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