Volume 67 – January 2013


Numerical investigation of natural convection flows in convergent channel with obstacle

N. Sabour, M. Najam, M. El Alami

Abstract | Pages: 1-6


Heat flow modeling at interface insert-chip in milling operation

H. El Moussami, L. Ezzine

Abstract | Pages: 7-13


Numerical study of turbulent natural convection in a thermosyphon with heated blocs

Y. Harnane, R. Bessaih, D. Saury, C. Bougriou

Abstract | Pages: 14-23


Study of the heat transfer in a non uniform surrounding wall

T. Benchohra

Abstract | Pages: 24-28


Simultaneous identification of the thermal conductivity and two heat transfer coefficient using an inverse method

Y. Touhami, M. Abdelkarim

Abstract | Pages: 29-33


Heat source position influence on flows and the heat transfer in a T form cavity

A. Meskini, Y. Abid, A. Oubarra, M. Najam, M. El Alami

Abstract | Pages: 34-39


Energy optimization of a combined cycle of 400 MW 

N. Kilani, T. Khir,  A. Ben Brahim

Abstract | Pages: 40-44


Study on the impact of recovery of climatic facilities on their operation

B. Benazaiz, G. Le Palec, A. Draoui, Ph. Bournot

Abstract | Pages: 45-49


Laminar natural convection in a two-dimensional vertical conical annular space

B. Ould Said, N. Retiel, M. Aichouni

Abstract | Pages: 50-56


Thermal characterization of the Casson fluid flow in a circular pipe by considering viscous dissipation

W. Berabou, Y.K. Benkahla, A. Boutra, N. Labsi

Abstract | Pages: 57-62


Numerical study of natural convection in a vertical converging channel: Experimental Validation

M. Kriraa, M. EL Alami, M. Najam

Abstract | Pages: 63-69


Design of a boost DC/DC converter for optimal operation of a photovoltaic panel supplying a resistive load

M. Salhi, A. Saadi, R. El-bachtiri

Abstract | Pages: 70-73



Effect of viscous dissipation on forced convection for Newtonian fluids in a tube with variable surface heat flux

S. Lahna, D. Ouldhadda

Abstract | Pages: 74-77


Numerical simulation of coupled heat transfers through a building

L. Boukhattem, A. Bendou, H. Hamdi, D. R. Rousse

Abstract | Pages: 78-83


Mixed convection in an opened partitioned cavity provided by heated blocks and submitted to down air vertical jet

O. Mahrouche, M. Najam, M. El Alami

Abstract | Pages: 84-89


Thermal properties characterization of materials based on granular cork

A.  Khabbazi,  A. Cherki, R. Idchabani, M. Garoum

Abstract | Pages: 90-93


Passive cooling of telecommunication cabinets for mobile phone stations

H. Louahlia-Gualous, S. Le Masson, B. Mecheri

Abstract | Pages: 94-99


Unsteady Coupled Heat Transfer in Partially Divided Cavities

N. Laaroussi, G. Lauriat, M. Garoum

Abstract | Pages: 100-107


Simulation of the Bénard-Marangoni convection in cylindrical containers heated by non-uniform flux

R. Es Sakhy, K. El Omari, Y. Le Guer, S. Blancher, M. Feddaoui, T. Mediouni

Abstract | Pages: 108-112


Thermo-mechanical modeling of the Splat formation in Plasma Spray Conditions

S. Oukach, M. El Ganaoui, H. Hamdi, B. Pateyron

Abstract | Pages: 113-119


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