Volume 68 April 2013


Numerical mapping of ultrafast electron motion in the hydrogen molecular ion

S. Barmaki, K. Guessaf, S. Laulan

Abstract | Pages: 1-6


The second Born approximation in laser assisted inelastic electron-helium collisions

I. Ajana, D. Khalil, A. Makhoute

Abstract | Pages: 7-16


Generation of solar irradiance on inclined surface using along terms measurements

K. Kabidi, M. N. Bargach, R. Tadili

Abstract | Pages: 17-24


A new structure for digital front end in software defined radio architecture: applying random sampling for sample rate conversion and using DFT for channel selection

N. Boumaaz, A. Soulmani, S. Crand, J. F. Diouris, A. At Ouahman

Abstract | Pages: 25-29


Open-circuit thermally stimulated discharge currents investigation in polyethelene terephthalate

Z. Guebaili, N. Benrekaa

Abstract | Pages: 30-35


Application of optical method in chemical process as corrosion

R. Dara, B. Boudjema

Abstract | Pages: 36-41


Spectrometric and chromatographic identification and characterization of dyes contained in plastics packaging food

M. Cherif Lahimer, M. Rafrafi Derouiche, S. Belgaied, J. Horriche, N. Ayed

Abstract | Pages: 42-54


Comparative study of phosphates glasses isolated in the ternary systems Bi2O3 - M2O3 - P2O5               (M= Sb and B)

M. Belfaquir, T. Guedira, M. S. D. Elyoubi, J.L. Rehspringer

Abstract | Pages: 55-61


Effect of pH and (Ca/P, Mg/P) molar ratios on the crystalline structure of phosphates obtained from artificial urine

B. Zahraoui, H. M. Djellouli, S. Taleb, A. Cheriti

Abstract | Pages: 62-71


Ab initio (HF, post HF and DFT) conformational and vibrational investigations of 2,4- dimethyl hexane

A. Aboulmouhajir, S. Mouatarif, N. El Hamdani, C. Van Alsenoy

Abstract | Pages: 72-85


Study of flow through rockfill in channel

A. Soualmia, M. Jouini, D. Dartus

Abstract | Pages: 86-91


Potential of the perlite in the treatment of domestic wastewater

F.Z. Aboussabiq, I. Kader Yetteft, M. Mountadar, S. Etahiri, O. Assobhei

Abstract | Pages: 92-99


Physicochemical characterization and treatment of domestic wastewater using bio-denitrification process

Y. Salama, M. Mountadar, M. Rihani, O. Assobhei

Abstract | Pages: 100-105


Performance evaluation of sand filter for tertiary treatment of secondary effluent of wastewater: effect of hydraulic loading

I. Kader Yettefti, F. Aboussabiq, S. Etahiri, M. Mountadar, O. Assobhei

Abstract | Pages: 106-113


Purification and characterisation of the antifungal and antibacterial compounds produced by the yeast Torulaspora delbruckii, associated with the clam Venerupis decussata

H. Aassila, M. Guyot, S. Rifai, A. Fassouane

Abstract | Pages: 114-117