Volume 71 – January 2014


Real time implementation of a single sideband (SSB) modulation/demodulation in a C6713 DSP based autonomous card

A. Wahbi, R. Elgouri, M. Benbrahim, L. Hlou

Abstract | Pages: 1-10


Thermal requirement and environmental impact of heating residential building-case study of Tangier

R. Idchabani, M. Elganaoui, M. Garoum

Abstract | Pages: 11-20


Modeling of the rheological properties of agarose gel

M. Benelmostafa,  N. Chafi ,  M. Benhamou , M. Dahmani

Abstract |  Pages: 21-25


Propagation of two-dimensional Hermite-Gaussian beams through a misaligned annular aperture followed by a misaligned paraxial ABCD optical system

L. Ez-zariy, H. Nebdi, A. Belafhal

Abstract | Pages: 26-38


Intensity distribution of Four-Petal Gaussian beams illuminating an apertured misaligned ABCD optical system

L. Ez-zariy, H. Nebdi, A. Belafhal

Abstract | Pages: 39-51


Magnetic properties and electronic structure of Co1-xCux granular films

A. El Amiri, K. Chafai, H. Lassri, M. Abid, E.K. Hlil, L. Bessais

Abstract | Pages: 52-55


Finite volume and finite element method for the simulation of one dimensional dam break problems in dry regions

A. Yachouti, F. Boushaba, M. Boulerhcha

Abstract | Pages: 56-61


Characterization of fat oils through their calorimetric spectrum

S. Zine, A. Mountassir, M. El Hadek, A. Boukbir

Abstract | Pages: 62-67


Elaboration of refractory bricks with a raw clay material from Burkina Faso

M. Seynou, P. Flament, Y. Traoré Dah, J. Tirlocq, R. Ouedraogo

Abstract | Pages: 68-75


XPS studies of the films formed on the Ti-Cu(2%) alloy in 5M phosphoric acid

M. Khadiri, M. Elyaagoubi, A. Elmansouri, A. Benyaïch, A. Outzourhit

Abstract | Pages: 76-80


Synthesis of novel benzimidazolyl and quinolinyl coumarins

K.Y.G. Molou, A. Adjou, M.V. Say, D. Sissouma, S. A. Touré, G. C. Téa

Abstract | Pages: 81-89


Isolation of anticancer natural ingredients from sour orange

H. M. Odeh, M.A. Al-Nuri, B. Hammouti, T. Ben Hadda, I. Warad

Abstract | Pages: 90-93


Effect of concentration increasing of Cd, Cr, Cu, Pb and Zn in soils irrigated by waste of Hassar river  (Region of Mediouna-Casablanca-Morocco)

F. Matech, F. Zaakour, Z. Chemsi, K. Moustarhfer, H. Mohcine, C. Marrakchi, N. Saber

Abstract | Pages: 94-99


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