Volume 72 – April 2014



Three-dimensional simulation of natural convection induced by a heating block mounted on the lower wall of a cubical cavity

D. Mouhtadi, R. Bennacer, A. Amahmid, M. Hasnaoui, O. Rahli, E-H. Kadri

Abstract | Pages: 1-10


Structural, electrical and optical properties of SnO2 deposited by spray pyrolysis technique

C. Nassiri, A. Hadri, FZ. Chafi, M. Loghmarti, L. El Ammari, A. Mzerd

Abstract | Pages: 11-14


Study of the power consumption of a digital-front-end using random sampling

D. Xiaoyu, M. Diop, J.-F. Diouris

Abstract | Pages: 15-26


Analysis by electron paramagnetic resonance of dosimetric properties of glucose irradiated by X-rays 18MV produced by a linear accelerator “Clinac2300DHX” 

M. Mikou, R. El Baydaoui, Z. Zirari, M. Bougteb

Abstract | Pages: 27-33


An industrializable Silicon-based microhotplate for metal oxides gas sensors

P. Yoboué, A. Konaté, O. Asseu, P. Ménini

Abstract | Pages: 34-41


Synthesis and structural characterizations of hydrothermally processed Pb1-xLaxTi1-x/4O3 ceramic powders

M. Zouhairi, O. El Ghadraoui, H. Bali, T. Lamcharfi, F. Abdi, L. Mrharrab

Abstract | Pages: 42-48


Scaled ab initio and DFT vibrational investigation of 2,5- dimethyls hexane

A. Aboulmouhajir, S. Mouatarif, A. Mahsoun, N. El Hamdani

Abstract | Pages: 49-58


Vibrational and theoretical studies of tetrabutylammonium hexachlorostannate [(C4H9)4N]2SnCl6

O. Berradi, R. Ghailane, M. Belfaquir, M. S. Elyoubi

Abstract | Pages: 59-65


Physicochemical analysis of olive oils crop season (November 2011) in the north of Morocco

I. Ibrahim Hassan Abdalla, M. Khaddor, A. Bouassab, D. EL Garrouj, M. Ayadi  

Abstract | Pages: 66-72


Organic photovoltaic cells: Operating principles, recent developments and current challenges - Review

I. Arbouch, Y. Karzazi, B. Hammouti

Abstract | Pages: 73-84


Elucidation of the regioselectivity in hetero Diels-Alder reaction by utilization of theoretical approaches

A. Benallou, H. Garmes, N. Knouzi, H. El Alaoui El Abdallaoui

Abstract | Pages: 85-93


C2O4(SnPh3)2.2SnPh3OH and 2C2O4(SnPh3)2.SnPh3OH.2H2O: Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization

Y. Sow, L. Diop, L. Stievano

Abstract | Pages: 94-97

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