Volume 74 – October 2014



Hydrodynamic establishment of a liquid film resulting from Poiseuille flow type

A. Zouana, C. Philippe, M. Hounkanlin

Abstract | Pages: 1-11


k-e Rans model for the numerical simulation of turbulent shallow water flows

R. Abdellaoui, I. Elmahi

Abstract | Pages: 12-21


Efficient baseband digital predistorter using LUT for power amplifier (PA) with memory effect

B. Feuvrie, M. Dio, Y. Wang

Abstract | Pages: 22-36


Effect of using olive mill wastewater by electrocoagulation process on the development and germination of tomato seeds

M. Ben Abbou, R. Rheribi, M. El Haji, Z. Rais, M. Zemzami

Abstract | Pages: 37-43


Valorization of wastewater sludge in cement CPJ45

S. Naamane, Z. Rais, N.H. Mtarfi, M. El Haji, M. Taleb

Abstract | Pages: 44-50


Influence of minor additions of tin (Sn) on the mechanical properties of lead alloys PbCaCdSb

E. Saad, M. Rattal, S. Saissi, K. Marbouh, A. Jourani, E.M. Oualim

Abstract | Pages: 51-58


Numerical investigation of gas channel and shoulder size and temperature on Polymer Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell output current density

N. Ahmadi, S. Rezazadeh

Abstract | Pages: 59-67


Synthesis and structure of metal tetra-caffeine complexes [M(caf)4X2] M = Ni(II), Cu(II), Zn(II), Cd(II) X = SCN-,CN; caf: caffeine

M. EL Amane, H. EL Hamdani, M. Haddad, K. Yamni

Abstract | Pages: 68-75


Process for purifying Moroccan phosphogypsum by a combined sulfuric acid and aluminum salt treatment

H. Nasrellah, A. Loudiki, L. El Gaini, J. El Hajri, M. El Krati, K. Benkhouja, M. Bakasse

Abstract | Pages: 76-84


Inhibiting of 4-amino-8-(4-chlorophenyl)-2-(4-nitrophenyl)-6-oxo-2,6-dihydropyrimido[2,1-B][1,3]thiazine-3,7-dicarbonitrile on the corrosion of a carbon steel in phosphoric acid

M. Belayachi, H. Zarrok, M. Larouj, A. Zarrouk, H. Bourazmi, A. Guenbour, B. Hammouti, S. Boukhriss, H. Oudda

Abstract | Pages: 85-93


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